Gospel Kitsch – or Kitsch Gospel
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Gospel Kitsch – or Kitsch Gospel

Sampson defeats lionMy son (who writes this magazine with me) has both a greater appreciation of Art and of the Gospels.  He can point out yard art in rural America that qualifies for kitsch.  I’m talking about those pink flamingos and beer can sculptures found regularly in northwest Missouri.  The same folks who have beer can art are the people who populate the Pentecostal neighborhood churches on Sundays.  Occasionally the Gospels and Art cross paths.  Sometimes it works – and sometimes it doesn’t.

For instance, here is a weird exercise video which promotes personal physical health and spiritual health.  Normally I would not find these disciplines as contradictory – but in this case some of our spiritual needs are surely compromised:

OK – enough of that. But how about the following video of Christian Physical Exercise? This seems somehow more appropriate to my frazzled right brain. What do you think?

Are these people really Sweating in the Spirit? Or are they destroying any creative energy granted by the same God of art and music?

As I said, my son understands the Gospel better than I. He also has a much better appreciation of Art. Perhaps he will comment and help all us sort out what works and what doesn’t. His wife is some sort of theater or drama major in college – she also has about forty years of singing, dancing, piano, and acting lessons (if you add them all together). Maybe she will add something to this post – it sure needs something to be worth the time to write it.

For myself, I can’t figure out what is hurt most by these productions – the Gospel or the Art.  Or perhaps I am making more of this than is necessary.  I might think so but I am having difficulty deciding which category this post belongs under.  Sports?  Music?  Religion?  Spirituality?

For now I think I will just stick it under Media.

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