Canadians Have ‘Canadian Style’ Health System
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Canadians Have ‘Canadian Style’ Health System

colbert posterWhat does it mean to have a Canadian Style Health System.  Steven Colbert has managed to qualify the distinct differences between health care in the United States and health care in Canada.

Republican House leader John Boehner would have us believe the Canadians are a bunch of socialists who deny their children their basic human needs.  But we know better.  We know that Canadians pay less for prescription drugs than Americans – for the same drugs.  In America we are at war with drugs.  We know that Canadians are given proper medical tests without fear of losing their homes in bankruptcy – but just how many Canadians own a home anyway?

You see the point.  The futility of the Republicans at trying to distinguish American health care from Canadian health care is frivolous – Canadians are in fact Americans – but no one bothered to tell the Republicans.  They are not just any old Americans – they are North Americans.  We know this because no Nazi War Criminals have been found in Canada.  So there!  Canadians have never disputed the ownership of the Falkland Islands.  It is pretty clear that Canadians are North Americans – just like real Americans.

Perhaps we should let Steven Colbert do the talking:

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