Glen Beck is the Disease in America
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Glen Beck is the Disease in America

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Glen Beck has topped himself. He somehow has managed to equate evolution with progressive politics. His comparison of revolution to evolution is totally insane – but the real fear is the platform given to him by the ‘conservative movement’ in America. These folks think they are carrying out Ronald Reagan’s vision – but Ronald Reagan would be aghast at what has happened to his party.

FOX news hate posterWe should remind people here that T. R. Roosevelt – one of the greatest of Presidents (and a Republican) labeled himself a progressive. Roosevelt headed the Progressive Party in 1912 – because of Roosevelt the party carried the nom de plum of the Bull Moose Party.

The Republican Party of 2010 seems to have lost the concept of ‘Statesman.’ Political statesmen are people who use sound judgment and reasoning to guide their decisions. Glen Beck seems quite the opposite.  FOX News disgraces broadcast journalism.

Jon Stewart does a pretty good job of qualifying the attributes of Glen Beck:

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