Dick Cheney’s Pre-Existing Condition
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Dick Cheney’s Pre-Existing Condition

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To say that a snow storm in Washington D. C. proves there is no global warming is like saying that Dick Cheney received good health care proves there is no need for health care reform.  Cheney has had five heart attacks – the first when he was in his late thirties.  He has changed jobs a couple of times since – and somehow managed to maintain his health insurance.  So is there a problem with health care in America or not?

Dick Cheney is now 69 years old.  He qualifies for Medicare.  He receives world class health care.  The facts seem to say that health care in America is a well oiled machine.  But we are overlooking secondary conditions – conditions that are not well covered by health insurance.

The typical health insurance program puts life-time limits on mental health care.  Clearly, Dick Cheney must have used up his life-time benefit before he was 35.  What else could possibly explain his erratic rants about President Obama?  What else explains his paranoid world view?

Does Medicare cover mental health for Seniors?  An examination of Dick Cheney’s case would seem to suggest not.  Perhaps paranoia is not recognized by Medicare as a legitimate health care complaint.  Dick Cheney did not just become paranoid after the 2008 election.  Cheney actually believed that Saddam Hussein was preparing to invade America with weapons of mass destruction.  We say this because we have to grant Cheney the benefit of doubt – we take him at his word.  Given world class intelligence – Cheney chose to believe in blood sucking vampires breeding in Iraq.

Dick Cheney as MuslimCheney’s paranoia may have led him to don an Islamic disguise.  Perhaps he believes he might secretly infiltrate the ranks of All Quiet – the secret organization of past politicians.  We can only hope.

It is truly a sad day in America when a fine man like Dick Cheney fades into his Senior years, with mental health benefits exhausted, unable to receive proper care for delusional thoughts.

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