Funny Obama WEB Pictures
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Funny Obama WEB Pictures

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Let me be perfectly clear – I am a big fan of President Obama.  So there.  Last week some Republican used some pictures he found on the WWW in a PowerPoint presentation to some Republican cash donors.  The goofy liberal media jumped up and down with protest.  The idea of the pictures was to instill fear in the President.  Was this inappropriate?  Aren’t some jokes just funny – perhaps offensive – but still funny?

Obama socialismThe most offensive picture characterized President Obama with his face painted as Health Ledger’s Joker from the movie ‘The Dark Knight.’  So what?  As a funny characterization the idea is pretty clever.  Our country is loaded with creative people investing their time in political nonsense.  Are we to presume the American voter is not smart enough to see beyond the clear distortions of creative minds?  Based on Neilson ratings for Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh we can assume there are in fact some people who vote based on shallow characterizations. The added inscription of ‘socialism’ changes the dynamic of the visual humor.

Obama as a white manObama knew the score when he chose to run for office.  These editorial characterizations have been around since Ben Franklin published his first Poor Richard’s Alamnac.  Some characterizations are offensive – but most are  just funny.  Here are several more creative visual ideas about Obama.  You be the judge – Just Funny or Just Offenisve:  (I found these on the WEB).

Obama as Hillary Obama bin laden Obama Brokeback mountain Obama looking at Ass

Obama mirrors Carter Obama mirrors JFK Obama on Mad Mag

Obama with watermelon Obama political virgin Obama zapped by McCain Obamas matrix redux Obonga

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