Tea Bag Protesters Encouraged by GOP Representatives
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Tea Bag Protesters Encouraged by GOP Representatives

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Warning to readers – the following videos are disgusting examples of free speech in America.   Irony abounds when the Teabaggers claim that President Obama is pushing the country toward socialism, communism,  Nazism, and totalitarianism.  The United States of America is a Republic, governed by representatives of the people.  The people elected President Obama and the Democratic controlled Congress after years of Republican neglect of responsible governing.  The Democratic Party, like it or not, was elected by the people.

But the most disturbing videos are those of GOP elected Representatives advocating and promoting the lies spread by Tea Party protesters.  Again there is great irony – in a real totalitarian regime these protesters would be arrested at least, and probably shot on site.

Obama massaThe disgusting chants against democracy are appalling.  The use of racial slurs and homophobic attacks on members of Congress is beneath the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  Again – people can say whatever they want – this is America – but promoting racism, homophobia, hysterical lies, illegitimate accusations against our own government seem extremely unpatriotic.

christian nation posterThe only people who advocate Totalitarianism are the Teabaggers.  These folks seem to think that the people with the loudest horn, with the most muscle, those most intimidating, should run the country.  They seem to miss the point of majority rule – which has been the mantra of this great nation for over 200 years.

revolt against socialismWe would like to present protesters from times past, i.e. Civil Rights Protesters. What is the difference? Are the people opposing the Civil Rights marchers different than the modern Tea Baggers? Are the Civil Rights protesters different that the Tea Baggers? Check it out – how do these protest movements compare?

In Little Rock, Arkansas, the drama of integration stood tall. The Governor of Arkansas ordered the National Guard to turn the black children away. Watch the white protesters. They remind me of the modern day Tea Baggers. They were on the wrong side of history and the Tea Baggers of 2010 are on the wrong side of history. Warning again to readers – the behavior of some folks is embarrassing for America.

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