U. S. Government Has Higher Ethical Standards Than Catholic Church
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U. S. Government Has Higher Ethical Standards Than Catholic Church

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One time in the history of our country a President had to resign.  He was caught covering up for some dim-witted burglars working on his election team.  Just imagine that the President had been covering for hundreds of staffers who were molesting young boys.  The United States Government has higher ethical standards than the Catholic Church.

We don’t have to look far for political sex scandals in the United States.  Here are a few names:  Elliot Spitzer, resigned as Governor of New York for having sex with a prostitute.  David Vitter, in Congress, had sex with a prostitute but did not resign.  Does anyone remember Larry Craig – the Senator solicited homosexual favors in an airport bathroom – he is gone.  How about that Foley congressman – hitting on young males – gone.

We should mention Bill Clinton – he had sex with an adult female intern working in the White House.  Clinton was impeached for perjuring himself in a courtroom.

But again, imagine any politician in America covering up for hundreds of government employees sexxually assaulting thousands of young boys.

The Catholic Church covered up for too many Priests to mention.  Revelations now suggest that the Pope himself had knowledge of sex abuse.  The only way the Catholic Church can survive this travesty of justice is for the Pope to resign.

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