Obama, Oil, And Rational Leadership
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Obama, Oil, And Rational Leadership

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I wanted a new car – but I didn’t have the money.  I wanted to go skiing at Aspen – but I didn’t have the money.  I bought a good used car for cash and drove it to the local Missouri ski slopes.  I am relaxing today with my feet immersed in hot salt water – soaking away the pain of skiing too long.  I have transportation, recreation, exercise, and I don’t owe anyone any money.  Examining needs and wants, setting priorities, and proper budgeting is only rational.  President Obama is going to allow the drilling for oil off the Eastern coast of America.  Is he a rational man – or is he selling out for political gain?

renewable energy graphicHumanity faces perhaps the greatest crisis in recorded history – the threat of Global Climate Change.  Every legitimate scientist on this planet agrees that global climate change is real and is a direct result of carbon emissions produced by the burning of fossil fuels.    Many of us campaigned vigorously for President Obama – in part because he acknowledged global climate change as a real threat and he promoted a more prosperous economy through the creation of ‘green jobs.’  What are we to make of this seeming change of heart by the President?

For my part, I trust President Obama.  Another reason I championed his candidacy is my faith in his intellect, his obvious social conscience, his courage to take on tough issues, and his maturity which allows him to make rational decisions.

off shore oil rigThe United States is in a tough spot.  Economic turbulence  caused by the greedy folks who deny global climate change has sent our country into a tail spin.  When President Obama took the oath of office our country was losing air speed and altitude.  Today we find an economy which has stabilized both in air speed and altitude.  President Obama recognizes our present flight path is not sustainable – he knows we need a boost in both thrust and lift.    While promoting ‘green jobs’  the President recognizes we have to face a time of transition.  This transition includes the need for more jobs, being less energy dependent on foreign nations, proper health care and eduction for our children, and a less partisan climate in Washington.

mean global energy balance

The point is clear – America needs rational leadership.  Leadership must be intelligent, courageous, kind, socially just, and willing to moderate in the interest of future stability.  Future stability includes economic stability, environmental stability, social stability, and political stability.  Our President is an intelligent, courageous, and mature man who has the capacity to lead into a brighter future.

We must trust that this man, President Obama, will act for the benefit of all.

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