The Church, Social Justice, And Hiding A Scandal
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The Church, Social Justice, And Hiding A Scandal

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Does the Christian faith promote ‘social justice?’  The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church (is there another Pope?) verbally promotes social justice.  Liberation Theology found it’s roots in the Catholic Church.  Glen Beck made an issue out of the term ‘social justice’ when he suggested that it means socialism, communism, Nazism, Obamaism, and Liberalism.  Beck brought out a flood of commentary by Christians of all stripes – with every thoughtful diatribe defending social justice as a central tenant of Christianity.  But social justice is not the same as legal justice – and social justice does not suggest forgiveness supersedes justice. has been a big supporter of the Catholic Church.  None of our writers are Catholic – be we recognize the importance of the Catholic Church in the history of Christianity.  Without the Catholic Church there would have been no King James Bible.  There would have been no Lutheran Church, or Baptist, or Methodist, or Presbyterian, or 7th Day Adventists, or even a Mormon Church.  This writer in particular is currently separated from the stormy marriage we had with Jesus.   With that point clarified – the Roman Catholic Church has discredited itself and the Protestant faiths. We ask:  Where is the justice for the thousands of young boys who were sexually abused?

The Roman Catholic Church has lost any moral authority – real or imagined.  When any Church puts the interest of the institution above social or legal justice they cannot truly call themselves Christian.  The abuse of children is in direct conflict with the teaching of Jesus.

Institutional AbuseWe note that some in the Catholic Church hierarchy are verbally assaulting those who cry for justice, assassinating the character of anyone who challenge the authority of the Church.  People who have challenged the Church position on the protection of pedophiles are being equated with the people who tortured and murdered Jesus.  When did Jesus ever sexually abuse a child?  When did Jesus ever protect anyone who sexually abused a child?  How can the authority figures of the Roman Catholic Church make such ludicrous claims?

Do they think that just because they say something everyone will believe it?  Perhaps they do.  Historically the Priest has been the ‘Father’ of the congregation, the parish.  The Pope has been considered infallible.  Before the first Vatican Council in 1555 regular folks could only speak to their God through the authority of the Church.  Martin Luther was first to present the idea of ‘a priesthood of believers.’   So the ideal of Church authority in all matters has a long history.

The Big BetrayalWe do not live in the Dark Ages – a time when illiteracy reigned supreme, a time when the Roman Catholic Church was the only recognized central authority in western culture.  We live in an era where people are educated and encouraged to think for themselves.  A brow beating by the clergy, particularly when the clergy is wrong, will not be tolerated.

Social justice – the single most important earthly quality of any Christian faith – is lost when any faith ascribes to treacherous behavior that directly contradicts the teaching of Jesus.  Jesus revolted against the same sort of institutional abuse as we are witnessing the the Catholic Church today.

People of the Christian faith should follow Jesus once again – revolt against the Roman Catholic Church.

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