Was Sarah Pa-ling Born In China?
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Was Sarah Pa-ling Born In China?

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This just in from the Nomadic View:   Sarah Palin was born in China.  The evidence is mounting.  Why did Sarah Pa-ling resign as Governor of Alaska?  What are the residency requirements in Alaska?  Just what is Sarah Pa-ling’s story?

Pa-Ling was born in China – as the picture clearly proves.  Watch her closely – do you really think she is winking – or is that some old facial feature that comes back under stress?    Is this what they mean by racial profiling?

The trail from China to Alaska is clear.  We know that Sarah was a student in Hawaii and Idaho and in Alaska.  We have only seen one certificate of completion from the Redneck University.  Because she has not released any official transcripts we are uncertain of the chronology – but geographically we can see a clear line from China to Hawaii to Idaho and North to Alaska.

Sarah does not provide an official marriage license so we can only speculate where, when, and if she was really married.  We have also not seen the actual birth certificates of her children – thus we cannot be sure they were born in America – Pa-Ling herself admits to using Canadian Health Care.  So what is up with that?

When challenged about racism Pa-Ling clearly stated that she had not actually run a race since she was in High School.  She said track was not as much fun as basketball.  When asked about Redneckism Sarah smiled and boasted, “I have the isms but I’ll never have the wasms.”   National Geographic did a show on Taboos – and one segment noted the taboo of Redneckism in China.  Natgeo defined Chinese Redneckism as a desire to tackle problems or issues without any idea of the potential consequences and without any education on the matter.  The Chinese Province of Redneck-ling produces lead paint for toys manufactured in China.

We hope Sarah Pa-Ling runs for President so we can pursue these issues as a matter of national import.

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