Uniform Design Contest For Huffington Post Police Badges
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Uniform Design Contest For Huffington Post Police Badges

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Arianna Huffington has established a secret police force to monitor and control reader comments.  Additionally the Huffington Post will now monitor, for free, reader social networking sites.  Three different levels of  ‘badges’ of authority can be earned by following Huffinton’s guidelines.  The Fireside Post is volunteering to assist with the design of Huffington Police Uniforms.  We need help from our readers.

From Arianna Huffington herself:

From the beginning, HuffPost has been blessed with a very passionate and engaged community. And, over the years, we’ve tried to deepen the ways you can engage with the site and with each other. It’s why we launched HuffPost Social News — so you can easily connect with your friends from Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, and Google Buzz, sharing stories and having conversations about the ideas, issues, and buzz-worthy items you care about. Today we are taking that to the next level, with a redesign of our comment section and the introduction of HuffPost Badges — including “the Networker,” “the Superuser,” and “the Moderator” — a fun new way of recognizing and empowering the most active members of our community.

The badges carry the titles of Networker, Superuser, and Moderator.  Don’t be fooled by the titles – these badges of honor carry real weight – Moderators, for instance, can delete comments that are not considered complimentary to the Huffington Post reader’s community.

But here is the point for today:  What uniform will the Huffington Police wear?  How should the badges be displayed?  Should the patches be sew-on or iron-on.  If you run into a Huffington Post Police Officer at Wal Mart, how are you going to know?

Here are some suggestions for uniforms:

Because of the casual nature of most Huffington readers some of us prefer something casual but authoritative.  Because some us who comment on the Huffington Post sometimes get dumped on we recommend the wide brimmed hat:

Many of the people who  comment do not use their real names – so we think the color yellow might apply.  Personally, I like yellow:

Some people have suggested each badge have matching color for the top.   We recruited these three models demonstrate how that might work:

A few people feel strongly that the uniform should reflect the appropriate authority.  Most of us believe that only those with all three badges should qualify for the distinguished Uniform of the HPSS.

What more can we do?  These are just suggestions – we are hoping others will join in to help with the final selections.

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