Crystal Bowersox is a Redneck
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Crystal Bowersox is a Redneck

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Does that title sound insulting?  It does if you buy into the Jeff Foxworthy definition of a Redneck.  Crystal Bowersox is in the final five on American Idol.  She has mesmerized the judges and home audiences for however long this season has been on.  But Crystal is a Redneck.

We at come from a long line of Missouri hillbillies and rednecks.  In fact, my family defines a redneck as a hillbilly, one generation removed.  The difference is that rednecks have an element of sophistication about them that hillbillies lack.

We at the firesidepost have developed another understanding.  Rednecks keep things simple – but they are not necessarily simple people.  And there is a big difference.  Rednecks truly march to their own drummer – how cliche’ – but it is true.

Rednecks don’t worry as much about what others think as they worry about whether they have enough spare parts out in the shed.  Why go to the auto parts store when you can have the fun of both removing the part and reinstalling it in a better vehicle.  Redneck mechanics see themselves as specialists in transplants.  And they don’t worry about what someone else might think 0f their shed.

Chrystal Bowersox is like that.  She sings with the joy of knowing that she has met the high standards demanded of a loving and caring family.  Crystal does not make appologies for being a single mother, or for having a tattoo.  Chrystal is not initmidated by Simon Cowell – or any of the other judges.  That does not mean she is so proud that she cannot take advice – clearly she has paid attention and worked the advice into her performances.

I have heard people say things like, “She must be white trash.”  Now what exactly does that mean?  White trash means that you are Caucasian and fit the Jeff Foxworthy humorous definition of a Redneck.  That does not define Crystal Bowersox.

But Crystal Bowersox is a Redneck at heart – an independent person who loves new experiences, is not afraid of any job, meets any challenge, is thoughtful and kind, is considerate of others, and expects the same in return.

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