Dancing With The Stars – 2010 Fall Season Recommendations
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Dancing With The Stars – 2010 Fall Season Recommendations

thefiresidepost.com is officially one site that can make recommendations on major entertainment and political personnel.  Here is our recommendation for the 2010 Dancing with the Stars roster.

Dancing With The Stars is an entertaining program.  People from other professions – generally known at least in pop culture if not for professional achievement, are asked to perform several ball room dances with coaching from professional dancers.  Some of the participants are retired from sports, or have ended a former television series.  Most have some notoriety for some achievement in their chosen undertaking. The 2009 season is winding down and they are planning for 2010 – we have some recommendations.

We don’t remember how many contestants start the show – so we have decided on twelve for starters.  We will choose six women and six men.  We have tried to mix professions.  We have tried to find folks who would be a draw to the show.  We have tried to find people who understand either competition or entertainment.  So here we go:

At the top of our list is Michelle Obama – the First Lady of the United States.  Check her our on the Ellen Show:


Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay on the television series Friends) – Ms Kudrow would certainly be entertaining.  She has a large following and would attract new viewers to the show.

Heather Locklear – whoop -de-dooo.  This lady has made several characters come to life on television.  We think her acting skills and graceful manner would give her a chance.

Ann Curry – The Today Show color commentator and all around NBC go-to-guy.  She has done comedy while researching a story about stand up comedians.  She pulled it off – we think she would be an audience draw.

Oprah – Now we are talking fire-power.  And Oprah might just surprise everyone on the dance floor.  This would be a great challenge for the lady of day time talk.

Chris Everett – Retired Tennis champion and wife of golfer Greg Norman.  Chris is a known competitor and would challenge the group to the most arduous work ethic.  We have no idea if she can dance.

Sarah Jessica Parker – What a hottie, this lady has been around on the big screen and brought life to Sex and the City.  Watching her dance would be a joy for anyone.


Emeril Lagasse – BAM, this guy can be funny and we suspect he has an inner elegance which might flair on a well done dancing program.  He might compare his dancing to some elegant meal – hmmm, what might that be?

Sergio Garcia – An in-his-prime golfer.  Sergio would have to miss the beginning of golf season, including the Masters – but hey, we want to see him dance.  (We have a alternative Golfer solution – Tom Watson, he is a great sport and a great competitor).

Bo Jackson – Retired from professional football and baseball because of hip injuries.  Jackson may be the best athlete we have ever watched – too bad his career was cut short.

Jon Bon Jovi – The singer of years past is not past his prime.  Bon Jovi has demonstrated his come back potential on more than one occasion.

Larry the Cable Guy – Stand up comedian and an anchor on Blue Collar Comedy Tour.  This guy would draw a crowd and people would call in to the show to participate in his antics.  I don’t care what you say – that right there is funny.

Keiffer Sutherland – aka Jack Bauer.  He can’t dance but who is going to look him in the eye and give him less than a 10?  Keiffer would be a great draw – and would be competing with ’24.’

This is important stuff folks.  We normally write about politics on slow entertainment days.  So readers, jump in with comments – who would you pick?

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  1. Jennifer Aniston would be great!!!

  2. Wentworth miller would draw all the ladies.
    He’s hot and sexy.

  3. What about Danick Patrick, she would be very good for the show. Also what about Tom Bardy?

  4. i thinnk that kate gosselin from john and kate plus 8 would be perfect!

  5. Hello, I have written before and you have actually used some of my suggestions.
    I love to see Olympians on the show, so I would like to make a few suggestions. These are summer Olympians sothey would have more time to practice and they are so strong it would be amazing. You have not had a swimmer yet.
    Man: Ryan Lochchte (Gold Medalist in Men’s relay – and he is gorgeous)
    Female: Dara Torres (She has been in 2-3 Olympics and was the oldest this year) She is also beautiful.
    Football Player: Priest Holmes (KC Chiefs, retired in San Antonio)
    Actor: William Peterson (was on CSI)
    Actress: Jane Fonda (well, what can I say!

    I hope you contact thest people. They would all be great.

  6. I actually like most of whom you’ve chosen. My fav’s Heather Locklear, Oprah for sure, Chris Everett, Emeril Lagasse for sure, Jon Bon Jovi, Larry the Cable Guy a great choice, and for sure Keiffer Sutherland.

    What about Pam Anderson so we can all have a good laugh.

    Golfers – why not Tiger Woods or Canadian Mike Weir. Why not try for the gusto and go with President Obama or Michelle Obama – wouldn’t that make the show wild and enormous.

    Tom Cruise or Will Smith – now he’d be a smash also. There are just so many.

    Can’t wait to see the cast. I love that show!

  7. When does the 2010 season start?

  8. Jerri Manthey from Survivor!!!!

  9. Jerri Manthey for Sure

  10. Jerri Manthey! I think she would do great.

  11. Totally recommend Jerri Manthey, would be a great pic…Survivor vs the dance floor!

  12. Jerri Manthey from Survivor, The Surreal Life, Playboy, and Showbiz movies!

  13. YEAH Jerri Manthey. Shes hot, sexy, funny and super sweet.

  14. jerri manthey

  15. jerri manthey from survivor

  16. Jerri Manthey of “Survivor” and “The Surreal Life” fame. She’s sexy and has a great personality.

  17. Jerri Manthley would rock!

  18. Jerri Manthey!!!!!Extreme Dancing!!!

  19. I’ve never watched the show, but if Jerri Manthey were to be on it. Then by God I’ll be there watching it!


  21. on the Jerri Manthey bandwagon


  23. Jerri would make an excellent contestant on Dancing with Stars…In fact they should grab more past Survivor Celebrities as well…Jerri is n amazing dancer and is extremely disciplined…Look forward to 2010 and watching Jerri set the dance world on fire….

  24. Jerri Manthey from Survivor! She’s awesome and tons of fun!!! Viewers would love to see her again!!

  25. Oooh. Lots of people are suggesting Jerri from Survivor. I remember her. She’d be great!

  26. Jerri Manthey would be wonderful!! She has a great personality, and I bet she would be awesome at the dances! She would rock!!!!!

  27. Jerri Manthey would be GREAT to watch! The personality and skills!

  28. Oh he** yeah!!! Jerri Manthey for sure!!!!

  29. I vote Jerri Manthey and Jon Bon Jovi !!!!

  30. Jerri Manthey would be great, go Jerri!

  31. Jerri Manthey would rock it!

  32. Jerri Manthey would be awesome!! Love her.

  33. The best choice for the women would definitely be Jerri Manthey. Especially since she’s on the next season of Survivor (to air in 2010) for that extra publicity!

  34. i dont really watch the show but it Paula Abdul and Jerri Manthey and Clinton Kelly or Chris Evert were on i would watch it religously espically if the first two suggestions were


  36. Jerri Manthey would be great…..

  37. Jerri Manthey would be a blast to watch!!!!!

  38. JERRI MANTHEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. what do you think of john travolta, jason stratham, shemmar moore, jet li, catherine zeta jones, rosie perez, marc anthony, vanessa williams, victoria rowell, ellen degeneres,howie long,Bell( cricket, on young and the restless)

  40. the baldwin brothers

  41. John Force of NHRA fame would be great, he might not be able to dance but he would keep everyone laughing. How about John Travolta?

  42. i’d like to see more figure skaters. kurt browning, ekaterina gordeeva, brian boitano, elia kulik.

  43. Would love to see Catherine Zeta Jones, Antonio B, Mark Consuelos, Kelly Rippa, Kurt Browning, Robin Cousins, Ekaterina Gordeeva, Clint Black, Kenny Chesney, Faith Hill and/or Tim McGraw (am tired of football players, and don’t want to see Oprah or any more political figures!)

  44. Gordon Ramsay would ROCK on dancing with the stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Dwayne Johnson would be really really cool on dancing with the stars

  46. They should have Howard Dean, David and Victoria Beckham, Betty White, Don Rickles.

  47. Cliff Simon(Stargate as ba’al), would be awesome! The man use to work at the Moulin Rouge!

  48. Why not have each pro dancer choose their own partner. Or bring back the the runners-up. Most of them were better tan those who won !!! Could not watch this season. Cast was terrible. How about giving Edyta, tony and Max some decent partners !!!

  49. Recently retired NHL Hockey player Jeremy Roenick!
    Here’s my video campaign to prove he’d be perfect:

  50. I suggest Jodie Sweetin. She’s due for a comeback and she loved dancing. Her book’s great too.
    Meredith Salenger would rock too.

  51. Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

  52. I think they should call Jennifer Grey to see if she can re-fill her Dirty Dancing shoes and Vanessa Williams.

  53. How about Jim Carrey?

  54. I would love to see Lisa Kudrow.
    I think Mr.Mambo LOU BEGA would be perfect! He’s got rhythm charisma beat he’s a singer anyhow, i think he would be great on the show :))

  55. Hugh Laurie!! 😀

  56. How about Luc Robitaille, retired L. A. King. Or former Guiding Light star and current As The World Turns. Tom Pelphrey (hot, hot, hot)!

  57. Lee Mead all the way! He’s super hot and would be just perfect!! Please pick him!! 🙂

  58. Judge Judy, Ashton Kutcher, John Tavolta, Drew Barimore, Queen Lattefa(sp?),

  59. whoever suggested john travolta is just silly. That’s cheating!! He’s in several dancing movies. That would be like having chris brown or j.lo on the show! Id love to see it but its silly. Id like to see kate gosselin for sure tho

  60. John Tavolta,Sharon Osborn is my picks.

  61. I hope in April you pick people that we all know.
    It was so disappointing in the earlier show. People didn’t even know 1/2 of them

  62. How about: Kelly Rippa or her husband Mark
    Simon Cowell
    One of the HouseWives of Orange County (Tamra or Gretchen)
    Sarah Palin
    Joy Philbin (Regis’s Wife)
    Teri Hatcher
    Janet Jackson
    Jillian Michaels (Biggest loser)
    Ellen DeGeneres
    Martha Stewart
    George Lopez
    Rachel Ray

  63. Just thought of a few more:
    -Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order SVU)
    -Neil Patrick Harris
    -Matt Lauer (Today Show)
    -Kathy Lee Gifford (Today Show)
    -Tony Geary (General Hospital)
    -Eva La Rue (ex Maria All My Children)

  64. I think Channing Tatum would be superrrr awesummmm! actually i no he would and hes hottttttttttt!

  65. Kevin Jonas, Dean Cain , Josh Duhmel, and Definately Nick Carter.

  66. I think that Jesse McCartney and Taylor Swift would be good dancing together!!!!

  67. I would love to see George Lopez, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, and Danica Patrick on the 2010 DWTS!!

  68. Matthew McConaughey would also be a great pic!!

  69. after reading all these comments Tim McGraw would be great too!!!

  70. Heidi Montag or Lauren Conrad would be cool.

  71. Matthew Moconaughey would be great. I would love to see, Sarah Michel Geller or Alisa Miliano. PLEASE, no more super models, play boy bunnies or reality tv stars. It’s dancing with the stars not dancing with the wanna be’s

  72. Men:
    Jackie Chan (my top choice for sure)
    Ralph Macchio
    Billy Idol
    Lee Pace (3rd Choice. Serious hottie)
    Emilio Estevez (especially if Paula Abdul is on!)
    Matt Dillon
    Jason Statham (2nd choice!)
    Rob Lowe
    Robert Buckley
    Pierce Brosnan
    Sean Patrick Thomas
    Taylor Kinney
    James Spader (that would be seriously great!)
    Hugh Grant
    Chris Rock
    Forest Whitaker
    Nate Berkus
    Jason O’Mara
    Simon LeBon
    Harry Belfonte

    Dakota Fanning
    Julia Stiles
    Kristen Chenoweth
    Tara Lipinksi
    Katy Segal
    Vanessa Williams
    Picabo Street
    Elizabeth Berkley
    Christina Applegate
    Gretchen Mol
    Teri Polo
    Mary Lou Retton
    Molly Ringwald
    Lauren Hutton
    Gabriella Reese
    LeeAnne Rimes
    Julie Andrews
    Demi Moore
    Andie McDowell
    Hilary Duff

  73. larry david or jerry seinfeld!
    lisa kudrow or jennifer aniston. anyone from friends would be good.
    sarah jessica parker would probably do great.

  74. The obvious choice would be Jack Osbourne, Kelly’s brother. He is more or less just as famous as she is and with her success on the show, why not him? I mean if they got Donny on the show after Marie and he did so well obviously and Kelly did so awesome, Jack should be at least asked to do it if he has not been asked already!!

  75. Since I am hispanic I would love to see one and I believe Jennifer Lopez would be perfect for the show partnering with the pro who danced with Mya and I think Matt Damon would be perfect partnering with the pro veronica. I forgot, Samantha Harris should be there as well!!!


  77. girls:
    Kristen Chenoweth
    carrie underwood
    kellie pickler
    jennifer nettles
    miley cryus
    miranda lambert

    adam lambert
    jon bon jovi
    justin bebier
    craig morgan
    jake owen
    shaun white
    toby kieth
    joe bros

  78. James Spader would be great!! I LOVE him. ANd Tim McGraw. MMMMMMMMMMMMM

  79. Why don’t they do an All Star season with all the past winners.

  80. The funniest show I could imagine would be with Ray Romano and Brad Garett competing with each other. I’m sure anytime Ray would score higher; Brad would say “Everybody Loves Raymond”. Would be hysterical. Also the fact that Brad is a very good dancer. Hope you’ll consider this idea.

  81. I know the viewers supposedly decide the fate of these dancers,but I just couldn’t believe Shannon Daughterty was voted off.Especially since Pam Anderson gave the camera the two finger wave the very first night.Am I supposed to think that was funny? And then she acts like she is drunk or high.I think you viewers made a very sad mistake.

  82. I will not watch this show again. Kate Gossin is just awful, worse dancer I have ever seen. Why is she still on this show. All she talks about is poor herself. She needs to go next week or I am through with Dancing with the Stars and my friends hate her also. How did she ever get this far?????????

  83. My wife and I have been watching DWS since it begin. In the beginning the choices were very good and caused interest. It seems like lately a lot of the stars are unknown and don’t show a lot of dancing ability. What is the deal? I would think a lot of stars would jump at the opportunity. The guy that suggested such stars as Carrie Underwood, Toby Keith, Kelly Pickler, Adam Lambert and the like was on the right track. I would like to add a few other suggestions. Laura Bell Bundy, Dolly Pardon, Faith Hill, Allen Jackson, Keith Urban and wife Nicole. Shania Twain in fact what would be wrong with a complete “Country Dancing With The Stars” That would really boost your rateings. Maybe you could get Julianne Hough to come back. Those two kids can dance and I miss her being one of the pros.

  84. How about a couples competition. Will Smith against Jada Pinkett, Brad against Angelina.

  85. i just love this show wish it just didn’t end 🙁

  86. I love Julia Stiles on the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. she is gorgeous.’;”

  87. i always like the Julia Stiles with long blonde hair.-.`

  88. i wish that they also feature Jewel Kilcher on the Dancing With The Stars show’;”

  89. First I would like to say that I love the show. I would love to see Manny Gamburyan – “The Anvil” – (WEC Welterweight MMA Fighter) dance on the stage. I think he will be a great choice.

  90. Dancing with the stars is the best dance show for me, great stars and great dance performance,.;

  91. i think that julia stiles look more beautiful when she has that long flowing blonde hair”~.

  92. I’d love to see Goldie Hawn, Will Smith, Joe Flanigan, Amanda Tapping and at the top of my list, Richard Dean Anderson.

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