Obama’s American Revolution – 2010
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Obama’s American Revolution – 2010

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We are ready.  We are ready for change.  We are ready for a Revolution. The American people have already demonstrated a powerful desire for revolution.  Witness the elections of 2006 and 2008.   Democrats have registered to vote in historic numbers.  Barack Obama – a relative unknown – won because he represented the best chance for the biggest change.  Even the Republicans thought they were rejecting the ways of the past – they thought they were supporting McCain because he represented an opposing voice to the old Party line.

Sadly, the contest for change has degenerated into politics as usual.  Obama’s charges against the GOP are tough – but at least they resemble honesty.  The GOP thugs have stooped below the belly of the snake Karl Rove.  The nasty politics will hold water with people who are afraid of the future – people who claim faith but vote out of fear.  Faith and fear are not compatible belief systems. But the Tea Party camp does not understand change – the change the people of 2008 sought includes the change in the process of negative distract and attack strategies.  Obama campaigned as a person who could build coalitions.

The Revolution is taking shape – how will it end?

The first American Revolution was touch and go – Led by the liberals of their day, the Founding Fathers declared their independence and formed a Continental Congress.  Washington then struggled with the Continental Congress to garner military resources, there were few resources to be had.  Washington’s army held on until the French Navy came to assist – and was able to trap Cornwallis at York Town – sealing the success of the liberals.  The United States of America was born as a liberal nation – guaranteeing the rights of the individual over the rights of an abusive government.

Today we find a government thick with corruption, sleeping with corporate America to the dismay of the people.  The United States government rampages around the world with military might – financing the foolishness with loans from our declared enemies – enemies with oil in the Middle East and enemies with cheap labor in Asia.  The crony-heavy Department of the Interior ignored Big Oil abuse of Federal lands while enjoying sex and drugs and monetary bribes – all this while the GOP insists that drilling in wildlife refuges is safe.  They can’t even practice safe sex, let alone safe drilling.  The catastrophic calamity of an exploded oil rig in the Gulf symbolizes the failure of proper government regulation.

The community infrastructure of America is crumbling – an infrastructure began with the New Deal under Franklin Roosevelt and championed by Eisenhower with the Interstate Highway System.  Today the Interstate Highway bridges are collapsing while our government is rebuilding bridges in Iraq – granting contracts to American corporate cronies.  Hurricanes ravage our coasts while political cronies fail to properly manage disaster relief.

Terrorists have attacked our country and they remain free from prosecution.  Osama Bin Laden thumbs his nose at a politically directed military.  Corrupt government officials line the pockets of their corporate friends behind the illusion of national security. Halliburton and Blackwater have become giants of the War industry.

The rights of the American people in the homeland are sacrificed, in violation of the United State Constitution, again under the mantra of National Security.  Miranda, long a staple of proper law enforcement, a staple designed to protect individuals from an overbearing government, is again threatened.  The Tea Party shout of  ‘no more government intrusion’ changes to ‘go government – get the bad guys’ – a real dichotomy of conflicting beliefs.

The housing market is collapsing under the weight of corrupt predatory lending.  An inept and crony led Department of Justice has ignored violations of regulations by big business.   Working class people were duped into buying beyond their means – and who suffers from the corruption – regular working people.  The big shot Executives walk away with multi-millioin dollar bonuses.  All in the political interest of the Bush Dynasty – followed by a shallow Senate in the pockets of big banks.  Someone is getting very rich – and it is not the average Joe in America.  The Tea Party movement seems to trust corporate America more than they trust our government – shear madness!

Wages have diminished.  Two family incomes are necessary to reach the bottom levels of the middle class.  The buying power of hard working Americans has eroded by staggering levels.  We pay heavy school taxes and receive an education that ranks 19th in the world, just above Mexico.  The future of our children is being threatened with sub-standard education, long term government debt, loss of potential inheritance because of the economic suffering of the parents.

50,000,000 American receive sub-standard health care.  While the Sheiks of Arabia fly to our best hospitals in Cleveland and Minnesota to receive premium care – paid for by Americans at the gas pump.  The Sheiks of Arabia are protected by the American Military – again paid for by the working class of America.

We are demanding a revolution.  The flag of real  change must be raised in the voting booths of America.  The real beauty of the American Way is the process of non-violent change.  The Founding Fathers recognized the futility of force and established a form of government that could be changed by a mere vote.  It is just tragic that modern government leaders fail to understand this concept.  Rather, the leaders of today cater to those with the most generous campaign contributions.

The current economic and political climate in America feels dreadfully stagnant in deep pools of political stench.  The odor rises from the oozing pores of a government driven by political gain rather than collective reasoning.  Solutions are not found in the ranting of the liberal MSNBC or the conservative FOX cable television disasters of meaningful discourse.  The driving wedges of extremism do not serve America.  The founding Fathers of the United States did not always agree – but they found compromise in the collective interest.

This American Revolution will require rational discourse.  There is one man who stands at the pinnacle of reason – President Barack Obama.  Ultimately, President Obama will prevail.  Like General Washington before him, he has to cross the Delaware in the icy climate of extreme politics.  The radical right, like Cornwallis, are using tired and worn battle tactics.  The radical left is mired in the gooey muck of failed co-dependency.  President Obama will bring the sanity of middle America to bear on the extremists – and America will prevail in the revolution against extremism.

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