The Need For A Really Big Government to Intervene in the Gulf
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The Need For A Really Big Government to Intervene in the Gulf

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British Petroleum, along with their contractors, has created the worst environmental disaster in history.  But that does not clearly state the magnitude of the devastation.  We too often throw words around – words like environmental disaster – and then a real disaster strikes and we sound like the boy who cried wolf.  As President Obama is fond of saying in a variety of speeches, on a variety of topics – “Not Now!  Not This Time!”

The Tea Party, a sub-species of the GOP, rants about BIG Government.  They would leave all problems to the States.  The Republican Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jingle Bells, can take care of the problem himself.  The same people who are calling for President Obama to leave their Medicare and Social Security alone are whining and crying for a really BIG Government to come to Jingle Bells’ rescue.


The former President of Shell Oil was on Nightly News with Brian Williams last evening.  He was very clear.  The best minds in the world are working on the problem…. The best equipment to deal with the problem is on site… There is not a good military option…  Everything that can be done is being done…

Not exactly correct.  Everything that can physically be done is being done.  But there is a HUGE problem with the perception of simple folks like me.  WE WANT TO SEE LEADERSHIP!!!  (Don’t you hate it when someone uses all capitals to make a point – those who do are generally people who lack the ability to articulate their position).  BUT TOO BAD – SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE.  WE NEED TO SEE ACTION!!!

I live in rural NW Missouri and I hear my neighbors talk about the devastation in the Gulf.  Everyone is shocked that this country cannot seem to stop the oil from leaking into the Gulf.  And now it is beginning to feel like no one is really making a sincere effort – it feels like this because the leak began over a month ago, oil is soaking the coastal marsh land – and there is a month’s worth of leaked oil still coming.

We at are big supporters of President Obama – but this is too much – PRESIDENT OBAMA – TAKE CHARGE – MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!!!!

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  1. BP assests needs to be completely liquidated & forced to pay full health care benefits with severance pay for the peoples livelyhoods they have destroyed. They also need to pay every penny of the clean up costs. They need to be made an example of.

    Last time it was Exxon, this time BP, next time…? Why should they walk away with their assests intact, when they have proven beyond a doubt they’re so irresponsible. Wouldn’t you take your kids drivers license away if he/she were reckless, what if he/she was responsible for the injury or death of someone as a result of their reckless behavior?

    I’m sick of BP, I want a bigger government,the reason these things are happening is because there are NOT ENOUGH regulations. I feel at the mercy of big business…wall street, telecommunication, mortgage bankers, the oil industry…these guys are out of control.

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