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Ohg Rea Tone is all or nothing. He is educated and opinionated, more clever than smart, sarcastic and forthright. He writes intuitively - often disregarding rules of composition. Comment on his posts - he will likely respond with characteristic humor or genuine empathy. He is the real-deal.

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Americans For Big Government

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Ohg Rea Tone

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  1. You can make a joke about it all you want, but I am worried about what happens to the average American like me, the middle class, if government is deregulated and dismantle. I see the government as my protection from the tyrants running for office, I have a genuine fear of what this election could bring if the right gains control. Just the few and far reaching deregulations of the past has almost destroyed this county and so many American lives.

    I count on the government to protect me from those who would empty my bank account and leave me with only the clothes on my back to survive the elements. Those who would rather see me dead than to have me receive health care, or see me under a bridge somewhere instead of in my home that I have worked so hard for, see me without a living wage…with my children and grand children uneducated because we couldn’t afford the cost of private education. A slave to the wealthy and amoral.

    This is no joking matter, the politicians running for office on the right are making themselves judge and jury over the rest of the us. It’s no ones business who I sleep with, how many I sleep with, I shouldn’t be denied a job because someone has determined for me what role I should play in life; whether I choose to be single, married, mom, gay etc. Who are these people who see themselves as God’s warriors, vessels of moral conviction to punish and destroy any who don’t share their self righteous views. I stand before my creator on the day of my death and no one else, it’s between him and me. Those who take the stand that they have a right to judge better beware that they themselves not be judged as harshly. Self righteous, amoral, lovers of money, hypocrites…

  2. CJV,

    My satire on big government was just that – I am in your corner. Effective government is necessary to protect all of us from those who do not respect others. And the United States Government, with our constitution and bill of rights, is the best example of an honorable government.

    It is striking that the pseudo conservatives call for less government while using that same government to decide who can or cannot be married, who can or cannot travel, and protect unscrupulous business rather than protect individual citizens.

    CVJ – you are right on the money.

  3. CVJ be careful what you wish for, too much government can be just as unraveling as less government. You are clearly a socialist in your thinking, which is fine, though it does not appeal to me. But when you start asking your government to run the country as a socialist system, then you start laying the ground work for communism.

    I do understand how too much of a capitalist society leads to greed and deregulation but regulated capitalism is good for more things than I have time to list. Though I believe most of us are socialistic capitalist.

  4. Cole – Should the government regulate our food supply?

    Should the government regulate safe working conditions?

    Something is backwards – China has one of the most ruthless governments ever conceived – yet they do not care about food for peasants or working conditions for their people.

    Our Government in the United States imposes regulations on behalf of the people – not on behalf of the government. To suggest our government has become socialistic or tyrannical seems to miss the point of good government.

  5. Ohg I agree with you, China is a prime example of Capitalism gone awry. Of course we helped create that monster with free trade, and while free trade has it’s place in society we import way more than we export.

    I do not think we are a socialist society but the more we ask the government to intervene in our lives, the more our quality of life and freedoms are sacrificed. Too much law and regulation leads to lawsuits which ties up the judicial system where the poor man always looses. When folks go broke and have nothing to loose or fear of loosing everything, bad things can happen.

    Look at the civil war and the issue of slavery. Yes there were abolitionist who care about all men created equal, but what threatened the confederacy was loss of revenue and the loss of the 10th amendment, that’s what drove the civil war, people’s fear of losing money and government interference.

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