Moms For Motherhood Denied By GOP
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Moms For Motherhood Denied By GOP

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President Obama was mocking the variety of wacko groups springing up as ethical family values organizations.   The President noted a fictitious group he called Moms For Motherhood.  He immediately qualified that he just made up the name.  We think the President cleverly used sarcasm to denounce the most recent scam of political operatives.   We at wrote a couple of satirical posts on Americans For Big Government and Americans For Other Things. The GOP does not get the joke.

Representative John Boehner was reported by official sources who chose to remain anonymous as being livid at the President’s remarks.  Boehner thought that the President was mocking motherhood as a GOP centered value.  Captured on a secret audio tape Boehner is reported to have said, “It was not my mother’s fault that I was born.”

Meanwhile, Senator Mitch McConnell was overheard in the Senate Steam Room grumbling about his own mother.  A young boyish aid who accompanied McConnell to the Steam Room reported on Facebook that McConnell said, “My mother was always in favor of motherhood until I was born.  Three years after my birth my mother joined the Women’s Liberation movement.  It was my twist of fate that my mother left the women’s movement because they sought government regulations for day care.  It was my mothers vigilant campaign against Government that fostered my own future in politics.  I honor my mother today by consistently opposing any form of government protection of children dumped on day care facilities.  How are the children to learn about the dangers of the world if we deny them experience with danger?”

The GOP took the President’s remarks about motherhood as a suggestion that mothers should somehow be assisted by government.  McConnell and Boehner were overheard in the Capital Coffee Shop (CCS) berating the President.

“Just because the President’s mother loved him does not mean that all mothers should be required to love their children,” Boehner said as he checked his tan in his pocket mirror.

McConnell asked to borrow the mirror for a moment and checked out the image, “Hey,” McConnell said, “You look a lot like me.  Is it possible we had the same mother?”

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  1. Dear Mr. President,

    Thank you for freely promoting my domain, I’ll be delighted to give you my government discount.

    [Somebody, quick… what’s $1 trillion minus $1,000?] 😉

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