Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
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Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

In 1993 Former President Clinton and the 103rd Congress implemented Title 10,654 otherwise known as the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy.  While there was some resistance, this was a great way to get bipartisan support on a delicate issue.  With every bill passed there will always be an inherent flaw, but for the most part this legislation has worked for 17 years.  Some 13,000 men and women have been forced to leave the military for proclaiming their sexual preference under that policy, leaving activists and lobbyist to repeal the policy.

A recent Pentagon survey of 400,000 thousand men and women, active and reserve show support for lifting the ban with the U.S. Marine Corps giving the most resistance.  “But in the end, Lt. Col. Hackett says every good Marine follows orders, and “if that’s what the president orders, I can tell you by God we’re going to excel above and beyond the other services to make it happen and be damn good at it.””(Ref. Julie Watson)

Repealing this policy is a terrible idea at this time in America.  We have too much on our plate at the moment to revisit legislation that works.  And coincidentally the heaping portions on our plate will be directly affected by this repeal.  We are trying to combat terrorism in Afghanistan, pull out of Iraq, regulate Iran, help South Korea from the North (to mention the big ones), all while struggling to revive our economy, changing national health care practices and policies, regulate deadly imports from China and trying to keep the peace with foreign dignitaries.  Does this country really need another Liberal-backed dividing wedge?

While I disagree with most of President Obama’s agendas I do respect his office and back his decisions’ as Commander-in-Chief (thanks to Marine Corps indoctrination). However, his liberal supporters are also the ones sawing at the legs of his pedestal asking for too much, too soon.

The bleeding hearts believe we should live in a bubble-wrapped world where everyone frolics in the meadow to the song “Imagine” by John Lennon.  But the reality is that majority of enlisted men and women come from poor or broken homes, across the border or from conservative rural towns. While some may not give a hoot if the guy next to them, sending rounds down range, is gay, it turns a different color when you’re showering together.  If this bill passes then we should just have Co-ed boot camps, where men and women shower together.

Another writer for this magazine wrote about homosexuality in the military which spawned another on rape of women serving overseas.  The article suggests that rape is not so much a sexual act as it is a violent act.  Do supporters of this new bill really think that open gays in the military will fare any better?  This bill will pass, but now is not the time.  Open homosexuality is still a new manifest that needs time to grow just the same as women’s suffrage or the civil rights movement needed.

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  1. “The bleeding hearts believe we should live in a bubble-wrapped world where everyone frolics in the meadow to the song “Imagine” by John Lennon.”

    I love good imaging – that was a good line.

    Some historians believe the really great Presidents did a few things very well rather than many things with mediocrity. I think I get your point.

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