American Idol: Dump Randy Jackson, Jamie Foxx as Judge
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American Idol: Dump Randy Jackson, Jamie Foxx as Judge

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American Idol has transitioned a few times in the past ten years – often with improvements in the judging.  The most notable failure of inspiration is the retaining of Randy Jackson as a Judge.  Randy talks too much and never says much.  Jackson is worthless as a judge.  Clearly, Randy Jackson feels inferior to the other judges and continually patronizes by amping up other judges views.  Get rid of Jackson!

Jamie Foxx has participated on American Idol as a contestant mentor.  Foxx has performed on the American Idol stage.  And Foxx is his own man.  Secure in his own skin, Foxx caters to no one.  Foxx is an animated artist who understands appropriate responses to given situations.  Jamie Foxx would boost the ratings and take American Idol to a new level of legitimacy.

Check out Randy Jackson:  “Yo, Dude, let me tell you something.  Listen up.  Check it out. That’s what I’m talking about.  A little pitchy in the middle but you pulled it off in the end.  YOu’re in it to win it. That’s what I’m talking about.”

On the other hand – Jamie Foxx brings self confidence and an expansive vocabulary to every project he engages:

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