Why We Continue to Support Our President
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Why We Continue to Support Our President

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President Obama had a news conference last week.  He talked sincerely about the state of our economy.  We agree with him.  We believe that the partisan politics in Washington is as responsible for the down economy as any other given factor.

We really do find ourselves in a chicken-and-egg scenario. Current budget projections are based on current tax revenues. Current tax revenues are down because fewer people are working, business is selling less, business is reluctant to invest and hire, home values are down – all sources of tax revenue. Increase employment and tax revenues will increase – people will pay income tax and will spend money thus creating tax revenue from business. But what comes first? Should the government invest in programs that put people to work (thus creating larger deficits in the short term) or should we wait for business to regain confidence and loosen their purse strings?

Here is the point of this post – we believe President Obama clearly understands the economic dynamics, we believe President Obama has correct priorities, we believe President Obama wants what is best for this country. We are not naive – we know as well as anyone that the 2012 election will be a referendum on faith in economic outcomes. A thriving economy is in President Obama’s interest as a public leader and as a politician.

Of course he wants to be reelected – but that does not mean he wants less for our country. On the other hand – the Republicans in Congress have conflicting political motives – they know that an unhealthy economy is good politics for them – or so they believe. The Republicans know that Obama cannot be beat if the economy is thriving – how much are they willing to let the country suffer to defeat the President?

Listen to the President:

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  1. I don’t think the economy can ever recover from such a massive debt. Nothing is good lasts, we almost have to sink to rise again.
    Obama is a typical tax-and-spend democrat amassing a huge deficit. All the while wanting to cut social security and medicare benefits using slight-of-hand trying to get Republicans to approve tax hikes so he can blame the GOP for increase in earnings tax.

    As for social security, if we are going to make cuts to benefits why not just privatize it all together, then I may have a chance at my cut.

    I hold no hatred or disdain for President Obama, I just get tired of everyone covering up for him and putting him on a pedastal that would overlook Jesus. If Obama has an idea that doesn’t quite pan out or flops completely then he plays the blame game saying it’s the fault of the GOP, Coservatives and G.W. Bush.

    I’d rather he just say, “well we tried it and it didn’t work.” He could take some lessons from Calvin Coolidge. While not the most admired President (and lax on regulations that may or may not have led to the depression) he was a man who was quit and did his job, and is my belief he was a good leader.

  2. I do not agree with most of your conjecture – but we already knew that, didn’t we?

    May be this is a blame game but:

    1. George Bush and his Republican Congress fought two wars while cutting taxes – creating massive debt which Obama has to shoulder.

    2. The banking system failed under George Bush and the Republican’s lax attitude toward banking regulation – the ‘bailout’ was another huge chunk of the increasing debt.

    3. Reducing the taxes on the most wealthy has caused the debt to increase by about $800,000,000. That was done under the Bush Administration to stimulate the economy – and we know how that worked out.

    4. Bush & Company passed a prescription drug plan for medicare without raising taxes to pay for it – more debt.

    5. The automobile industry failed – why? There is much speculation – but we know that the Obama administration did indeed loan them money, their industry recovered and they have paid the money back.

    It seems to me like this is accurate history – not just liberal tax-and-spend policies.

  3. 1.Nobel Peace Prize winner President Obama is started his own war in Libya.

    2.His housing program is a huge failure. Billions of dollars to help banks modify mortgages and folks are still losing their homes and forclosures are only climbing. Banks don’t have to help anybody and they won’t.

    3.I agree with you on this one. However just a week ago Obama lashed out at Republicans for not wanting to increase taxes on the wealthy saying he would have to cut scholarships, medicare and medical research. Even if the GOP does increase taxes he will still cut social securtiy and medicare. We may not see earnings tax increases but the middle class will foot the bill for Obama’s new health insurance plan.

    4.I will agree with you that Bush did pass some plans without backing it with monetary compensation. It is my opinion though, that Bush tried to help education, seniors and the economy while still giving tax relief but the plans were just not thought out. Bush was a capitalist, no doubt, he failed thinking lax regs would get help buisness prosper. Also thinking we’d all eat rainbow stew, but there is too much corruption. When this country got away from Christian values it went to the toilet.

    5.Again we give money to the auto industry and they have been saved along with jobs. It’s great but nobody can afford a new automobile. Since 1970 values are 1000% higher and the buyer gets less quality. The auto industry is as crooked at the insurance industry.

    My point is, why even help out banks, housing and the auto industry when nobody can afford any of it. Unemployemnt is still up along with forclosures. I’m paying into a Gov’t retirement plan I will never see. Soon I’ll be paying for some lazy family of 13 to not only be on welfare but to have medical coverage. And whats in it for me? Nothing. I don’t mind helping those who help themselves but if Obama want’s me to back him, he needs to drug screen welfare reciepients. I’ll stop there because that is a whole other rant.

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