Gun Lovers – This Guy Shot Himself
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Gun Lovers – This Guy Shot Himself

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We have written before on the passion of gun lovers.  Personally, I enjoy some guns.  I teach gun safety to my grandsons.  We enjoy shooting clay pigeons, blue rock, skeet – whatever you call it.  We go to the local shooting range located just outside of town.  It is run by the Missouri State Conservation Department.  The shooting range is a part of the Pigeon Hill Wildlife area. There are two separate firearms ranges – one for shotguns and one for single projectiles.

When we go to the single projectile range to learn about shooting hand guns we usually find a number of other people there for similar purposes.  I say “similar” only because they also have hand guns – but that is where the similarity ends.  I teach my grandsons about handguns with a single action 22 caliber pistol.  The other folks are shooting heavy duty semi-automatics or 44 magnum revolvers.  The Pigeon Hill shooting range can be questionably safe.

The boys and I usually sit back and watch for a while.  We are trying to determine if it is safe to step up to the range.  The determination is based on how safe we think the other shooters are.  We have not seen the man in the following video – but I think we watched his cousin a couple of times.

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