Returning to the “Good Old Days” of Conservatives
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Returning to the “Good Old Days” of Conservatives

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We have to ask:  What exactly doe conservatives mean when they say things like ‘we need to return to the days of common sense’?  We found some old advertisements which may point to the more specific intentions.

These advertisements came by way of an email.  You know the kind – blanket the world with propaganda stuff – but these are legitimate advertisements from days gone by.

Check these out:

  how about this:

I particularly like this one:    That is is talking my liberal language folks.

Some of those liberals are all about breast feeding.  One might think they would prefer WIC.

Please check our post on the Passion of Gun Lovers.

No comment.

Maybe the conservatives are not all wrong.

Whoooeee – this one could get some men in trouble today!

Perhaps this advertisement was about fifty years too soon.  Here is the deal – don’t worry about what the kid eats – just make sure they have the proper attire.

And there you go – Motorola was way ahead of their time.

  I really do miss some things about the good old days.

   They may be on to something.  I want a woman who enjoys having smoke blown in her face.

  Get to work ladies – but eat your Total.

  I just remembered that I have two daughters and one son – I may be in trouble.





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