Conservatives Blame Solar Flares on God’s Anger
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Conservatives Blame Solar Flares on God’s Anger

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Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, Pestilence, all products of an Angry God – determined to punish the United States of America for loathsome behavior.  I can hear it now.  Pat Robertson and Rick Santorum must be going crazy with delight.

The latest round of Solar Flares are caused by God.  God does not like the way we use satellites.  He does not like the ipad.  He does not like gay marriage.  He does not like gold fillings in our teeth.  He does not like black people in the White House – unless they can cook and clean the kitchen.

God blew up the Missouri River levees in the Midwest in 2011 to alert the populace to the expanding and abusive federal government.

Look out!  Here come the nutty conservatives.



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