Profiling the Usual Suspects – We Are All Guilty
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Profiling the Usual Suspects – We Are All Guilty

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The facts are not yet clear.  They are muddled more every day by people with agendas who leak information.  One thing is certain – everyone with a comment about Trayvon Martin’s death has an opinion based on limited data.  It seems the profiling did not end with the assessment by the neighborhood watch man accused of profiling Trayvon.  The string of profiling continues to bolster the irony.

Think about the process like this.  A black man was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, walking in a gated community.  A neighborhood watch volunteer saw the black man and drew some conclusions which can only be called racial profiling.  The watch volunteer looks Hispanic and has a white person’s name.  The watch volunteer called police.  The police said to stop following the black man.  The volunteer continued to follow.  A confrontation ensued.  The black man was shot to death.  Details beyond this are disputed.  A national ruckus erupted and  no less than Al Sharpton joined the fray.

The national pastime of profiling had begun.

We are now told the police who investigated had differing views of the incident.  Some of the police profiled Trayvon as a legitimate suspect because he was black and wore a hoodie.  Some profiled the watch volunteer as being over-zealous.  No charges were filed and little evidence was collected.

Then the media jumped in (including  Many left-wing prognosticators agreed with the profile of the watch volunteer as being overzealous and racist – whether agreeing with someone else, or inventing one’s own profile, the result is the same – a profile based on limited data.  The next wave of profiling came from the political right – these right-wing folks profiled the left-wing folks as profilers of racist white people.

Someone is leaking information detrimental to the character of Trayvon – information which supports the racial profile of him being some sort of demonic character deserving of a bullet.

Someone is leaking information about the watch volunteer – the data goes both ways.  Some say he was defending himself and acted with prudence.  Some highlight his over-zealous regular calls to the police (46 in the past year).

All of the leaked data serves no purpose other than to support one profile over another.

We at included a racial cartoon in a post.  We have been profiled as being racist.  We were wrong and have said so, the cartoon was insensitive to say the least.  Our cartoon served inadvertently to support the idea of the watchman as a racist – adding to the profile.

It seems the whole nation is busy profiling profilers as being misinformed profilers.

It is becoming more clear every day that most of this nonsense could have been avoided by an immediate and thorough police investigation of the death of that young black man.  Good information released to the public immediately could have avoided the national uproar.  This would not have changed the outcome of the late night confrontation – but it would have better served sanity and justice.

It is time for all profilers of both the left and the right to back off.  We have done our damage.  It is time for cool heads with good information.  It is time to find the truth.



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