Can Hatred Counter Love?
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Can Hatred Counter Love?

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Is hate more powerful than love?  Does hate match love dollar for dollar? Hate is proportionate to love – the more one loves, the more one can hate.  The comparison is not one for one.

Have you ever been consumed with bitter hatred for many weeks, stretching into months, or years?  Hate does that.  Hatred in it’s purest form overrides all else.  Nothing becomes as important as the object of your hate.  With a clear focus we can magnify hatred to the level of pure evil.  Ironic – because it is the perception of evil itself that fostered the hate.

The word hate is used in contemporary politics to condemn anyone who disagrees with whatever philosophy is on the table at the moment.  But that use of the word does not do justice to the word.  Hate in a political context cheapens the real meaning. Many of come to think of the word ‘hate’ as a simple disagreement.  We throw that word around to emphasize the depth of our disagreement – but in doing so we discount the true meaning.

True hatred is bitter.  It fills the pores of every cell of one’s body.  It drips in the sweat of a hot day. Our bodies cannot sweat enough to remove the toxin. We cannot scream loud enough.  We cannot shed enough tears. Our perception of evil is magnified.  The object of our hate becomes the definition of evil.  A festering boil on the face of the earth is rooted in the evil object.  Innocence is swallowed by the black hole gravity of hate.  Hate consumes.

Our ability to counteract the evil either dilutes or magnifies the hate – less perception of control generates more hate.  It grows, filling with yellow and green pus. Necrotizing fasciitis is a flesh eating bacteria.  “The term flesh-eating has been used because the bacterial infection produces toxins that destroy tissues such as muscles, skin, and fat”.

Flesh eating bacteria cannot adequately compare to hate.  The bacteria is localized, seeking out soft tissue, destroying one cell at a time.  Hate is all encompassing, devouring the soul from within.  While necrotizing fasciitis consumes soft tissue, hate alters the fundamental DNA.

The great paradox of love and hate is that they are exponentially proportional – Hate magnifies exponentially in proportion to the love of the object in question.  Love in any capacity cannot compete with hate.  Parental love, brotherly love, romantic love – none compare to their counterpart in hate.  More irony abounds.  Without love there can be no hate.  For hate is the opposing force – it does not exist without love.  Love pulls life together – hate explodes the mass, destroying all.  The greater the compacted mass of love – the greater the explosion of hate.  E=MC2 does not account for undoing the compacted molecules of love.  Hate compares to the forces of exploding stars – the heat and pressure creates new forms of mass previously unknown.

Evangelical Christians do not hate homosexuals – they merely use the term as an adhesive to hold their colony of wickedness together.  The issue is not about homosexuality – it is about being accepted by other pathetic creatures who crave the attention of anything that resembles society.  Real hatred laughs at the meager pronouncements of the depraved evangelicals.  A grave disservice is done to society by minimizing hatred as mere political or religious differences.

True hatred is the essence of evil.  The sources of true hatred are the fertilizer of choice for evil doers.  Hatred is the sun and the water, the nutrients of the welcoming soil of discontent.  Love cannot sprout enough grasshoppers to counter the fertilizer of hate.  The crop of evil basks is the warm glow of hatred – defeating any semblance of civilized society.

Hatred exists where ignorance is glorified, immaturity sanctified, and cruelty rewarded.  Another irony – if hatred is so evil, then why do we embrace it and hold on?  What is our reward?  The reward of hatred is self serving.  Pure self-righteous indignation.  The simple satisfaction of being right overwhelms any attempts at the spiritual principles of kindness, forgiveness, and that rascal love.  To let go of the hate is to admit we are wrong – and speaking of evangelical Christians….

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  1. thanks. Excellent contemplation for the weeks ahead.

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