Grand Canyon Rafting – National Park Service Orientation Video
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Grand Canyon Rafting – National Park Service Orientation Video

Excitement abounds.  After a hard year in my life I will wrap up 2012 with a very dear old friend on a 25  day rafting/camping trip down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon National Park.  The trip has a degree of danger so the Park Rangers require an orientation – first by video (included in the post) and then an orientation and equipment inspection before actually launching.

This will be my first experience of this sort.  It will probably be my last.  I told my grandson that this is my next-to-last adventure.  I do not yet know what the last adventure is – but I remain open and hopeful of future danger and excitement.   I have taken risks many times – sometimes with horrific results, and sometimes with joy that cannot be expressed.  Would I do it again – well, I am doing it again.

Enjoy this video orientation, there are four – you can experience some of the grandeur without the danger:
Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

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