Mars conjunct Mars – A Friendly Warning
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Mars conjunct Mars – A Friendly Warning

My friend of many years does the Astrology thing.  My personal aversion to Astrology is less than my aversion to other more acceptable organized religions.  My friend happens to test genius on IQ tests.  He is also well educated with terminal degrees.  He reads, he thinks, he ponders, he hikes mountains and canyons, his is an exciting life of adventure – both physically and intellectually.

I received the following Astrology interpretation of my next month wandering the fields of uncertainty.  People who know me are not surprised at this revelation from the planets.  Check it out:


 Until about Christmas you have a very powerful transit happening!.  Mars is lining up right on top of where Mars was when you were born…..this is called Mars conjunct Mars.  You must be feeling like exploding.  Mars is restless active energy.  Following is material about Mars conjunct Mars:

 Ego energies and physical energies run very high during this transit.  You will feel positively loaded with energy, for which you must find an adequate outlet, or you will have problems.  The best way to handle this transit is to do some necessary heavy physical work.  But that will work out only if you derive satisfaction from doing it.  Otherwise you will feel resentful, which brings out the negative side of this transit.  Sports, if you are at all athletic, is an excellent outlet.  If you just sit around, you will begin to feel itchy and restless for no apparent reason and then become quite irritable.  In this mood you will snap at anyone who comes along for no reason at all.  Or you may be spoiling for a fight, even if there is no justification for one. 

 If you feel none of these effects, look deep inside yourself.  You will probably find that you are doing a good job of repressing your feelings.  And this is the most dangerous response of all, because the energy will out, either physically through an accident or by projection; that is, you will experience the energy through another.  This means that you may have to endure another person’s aggressive acts, which may bring you harm.

 On the other hand, this transit is quite good for initiating any new project on your own.  It is a transit of beginnings, and you should use it for that purpose, particularly for projects that you will be identified with and be given credit for.  Don’t expect such projects to go along without opposition, however.  Watch for strong resistance from others when Mars squares your natal Mars in about six months, although the precise time may vary.  About one year from now, when Mars is in opposition to your natal Mars, you will know whether on not your project is successful.

 Another version of Mars conjunct Mars:

 Actually Mars through the First House: 

 Increased physical energy and competitive drive characterize this transit.  Your ambition and professional drive are stimulated and there is a new degree of initiative and self-confidence in action.  You will be impulsive and there will be a desire for adventure and physical activity.   This transit increases the body heat and leads to improved health through exercise.  This is an excellent time for physical work provided safety measures are observed.  Watch out for being aggressive, self assertive, headstrong egocentric and selfish.

 Increased initiative, competitiveness, new beginnings.  Personal restlessness, intensified action,  speeded up activity, increased energy, aggressive behavior, muscular exertion. Intensified material and sexual desires.

 Business and professional ambitions intensified increased action to achieve status and success.  Business activities can involve corporate business, insurance, taxes, inheritance, joint finances, manufacturing, heavy equipment, building, construction;  tools, machinery, weapons.

 Wow!!!—–watch out———the next month!!!!!!!

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