Starbucks vs Christmas Cheer or Lack of
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Starbucks vs Christmas Cheer or Lack of


OK, here’s my tilt on the subject. I don’t recall Starbucks declaring an affinity to any religion. Not that they haven’t, I just haven’t heard anything about it. They are a business in the business to make money by making coffee.

I have never had a Starbucks product. Probably never will, I find spending more than a dollar for a cup of Java way beyond my monetary means and anyone who can and does, have to rate up there with Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs and a few others. So, what the heck does it matter whether they display a Christmas tree or Manger scene on their new red cups? Did they suddenly hike up the price of their coffee to accommodate the higher cost of producing a red cup instead of the white or whatever color the former cups were (remember I have never had Starbucks)? Even their name is non religious unless your religion is money. $$Bucks$$ and not just that but **Star**$$Bucks$$. There is no confusion that it’s not just money, but ‘LOTS’ of money as their goal.

So, there is a ‘vocal minority’ who doesn’t approve of the new red cups and the lack of Christmas adornment. Perhaps they should bring their own Christmas cup and just get it filled at Starbucks. Who knows maybe they will get a discount. I have no problem with a company being successful and harbor no ill will. It’s just a bit of ridiculous for this ‘vocal minority’ to attempt stirring up the masses, most of whom, probably have not become addicted to the Starbucks brand. Most Christians don’t need a company to remind them of the ‘Reason for the Season’. I think I am going to make myself a pot of ‘Folgers’. Cheers Y’all.

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