Is Ted Cruz The Republican Obama?
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Is Ted Cruz The Republican Obama?

Bear with me please.  Barack Obama stormed the castle in 2008.  He conquered the dragon – and no one saw it coming – well, perhaps Dick Durban.  But everyone today concedes that Obama is a masterful politician.  Like him or not, agree with him or not, Obama came to play hardball.  He came with masterful speech writing and speech delivery.  His political ground organization was second to none.  Barack Obama was a young Black small time politician from Illinois with a funny name – and he won the Presidency two time.  Part of his success was that his opponents underestimated him.  Is Ted Cruz the Republican Obama.

Do not underestimate Ted Cruz.  To be clear up front, I am no fan of Ted Cruz.  I am an Obama liberal.  With that said – Ted Cruz is a master politician.  He is quick witted, articulate, reasoned, prepared, organized, and not afraid of any big bad Wall Street tycoon.  Ted Cruz put together an astonishing ground game in Iowa.  Just as Obama did eight years ago.  Ted Cruz has crept up on the bombastic front runners just as Obama did eight years ago.

I encourage all to watch the following youtube video of excerpts from the debate that occurred last night, January 14, 2016.  Listen with an open mind.  Watch for Cruz’s command over speech.  Watch for how he handles pressure. His lines were likely prepared but he jabs them like Ali’s left jab – graceful and effective.

Again, I am no fan of Ted Cruz.  But Ted Cruz is a force to be reckoned with.

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  1. Eight years ago I did not vote for Obama and again four years ago I did not vote for Obama. My reasons were not because he was black and had a weird Muslim name. I believed it was high time we had either a black or woman president. Being more opposed to Hillary, I watched and looked for reasons that I could be comfortable with and vote for Obama. With only a couple of campaign promises from Obama that I agreed with, I could not find anything of solid certainty that would compel me to vote for him. Neither could I comfortably vote for McCain and Palin, but I did. Obama had too much controversy encircling him and he made no effort to contain it. His promises for Hope and Change were much too vague. I also looked for body language believe it or not. Obama didn’t reveal anything sinister, that I recall, but his wife did and the reveal of her prior comments regards our racial history in the USA. There was a “Black Panther” attitude flowing from and around her. You may call me a bigot right about now, but I can assure you, this thought,feeling, premonition or whatever else you may call it, was based on years of living and surviving in racially mixed everyday events. You soon learn who you can deal with and who you can’t. Michelle was and is not subtle. She carries her attitude in her face, she displays it with the ‘Black Fist’ of Malcolm X and the ‘Black Panthers’. I do believe that couples can and often do, carry their individuality into the union of marriage. Yet, they very often pair up and plow forward together when power and money are involved. We have seen this before and still do, with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Getting back to the main idea of this current post. I can only hope that someone(other than Trump)steps up to the plate and positively shows and proves to ‘we the people’ they can deal effectively with our current critical position globally and provide our citizens with the respect we deserve. So far this year we have seen much better stock coming through than we did eight years ago, thank God for that. I had picked a few of them early on, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio and Ben Carson. I still believe these are good men who love our country as I do. Yet, they are not keeping up. Our country is much to diverse for them to gain a big following. After watching the debate it’s very obvious they are all on the same page where Hillary is concerned. She not the woman to be our first female president. At this point I see two GOP candidates coming above the others and that is Trump and Cruz. So, I keep rooting for Bernie to gain against Hillary and pray for a someone to step up on the other side. No matter which way it goes, we need at least a hundred year break from the kind of leadership we have had these past eight years.

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