Josh Has Joined
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Gary L. Clark is an author. After a thirty year career he retired to write a novel. He then joined a counselor-in-training program at the local community mental health center and worked three years as a substance abuse counselor. He retired again and has written two more novels. He recently completed the annotation of a self-help book on faith-based self-help. Two published novels (available on address social justice. Mr. Clark is the Editor of He lives in St. Joseph, Missouri.

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Josh Has Joined

Josh was once a good boy.  He lost his way.  We find him today hanging out with the outlaw of his family – Ohg Tone.

1898090_10201665207860823_647492392_nSeriously, Josh is my nephew, and a fine writer.  I have watched him over the years, watched him grow in to a young man, watched him explore religion, watched him explore spirituality, watched him explore music, watched him explore poetry, and have watched him let the wild man out.

He wrote a sort of tribute to his grandfather on facebook.  I copied it and posted it here on  Then I called Josh and asked him to join the writing team, he sits with me here now.

Seriously – again – Josh is going to write with us.  The photo of Mark Twain to the right has no bearing on anything written in this post.  I just like the picture.

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  1. Welcome aboard Josh.

  2. Loved your words about the Vet on Jules St. Excellent observations and descriptions. Can’t wait to see what’s next

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