My Practicality
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My name is Josh Clark and I’m the newest contributor to this most intriguing online magazine (May 2016). I feel compelled to give some backstory on myself as an introduction.

Foremost, I see myself as a poet. I say this unapologetically. I have no true passions in life to speak of, save three–writing, love, and the poetry produced as a result of the interaction.

There have been two prominent characters that play out on the world’s stage in life’s theater that I have been able to truly identify with; the Outsider and the Casual Observer. Having grew up in “small town America”, I basically found myself as these fellows by default. Everyone in the small burg I spent my youth in was related in one way or another to each other; of course, not me. Often I would wish to be going to school in St. Joe where all my cousins on my dad’s side of the family were. Somehow, I knew I could just become part of the brick and mortar of Central High School and blend in happily in a sea of faces.

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My Practicality


My practicality is a pesky little imp.

Like a gremlin sabotaging my



My creativity rests in the bosom

Of Mystery;

And this fair lady–she always beckons.


She pleads with me to embrace her,

Ungrip the secure and chase her.


And I start to run–


But I find myself tethered.

Held back by the comfortable–

By the endless warnings that

She is nonsense–

My wingspan is only to be so wide…


My practicality speaks these lies!

It tells me anything beyond reason is


And I wrestle with this pesky little imp;

Who seeks to slow my Mystery!


I am determined to trudge toward the secret fringe,

Spread my wings unclipped to their fullest,

And be free.

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  1. Take the key from under the pillow……….

  2. Indeed…

  3. Much Enjoyed!

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