White Suits
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My name is Josh Clark and I’m the newest contributor to this most intriguing online magazine (May 2016). I feel compelled to give some backstory on myself as an introduction. Foremost, I see myself as a poet. I say this unapologetically. I have no true passions in life to speak of, save three–writing, love, and the poetry produced as a result of the interaction. There have been two prominent characters that play out on the world’s stage in life’s theater that I have been able to truly identify with; the Outsider and the Casual Observer. Having grew up in “small town America”, I basically found myself as these fellows by default. Everyone in the small burg I spent my youth in was related in one way or another to each other; of course, not me. Often I would wish to be going to school in St. Joe where all my cousins on my dad’s side of the family were. Somehow, I knew I could just become part of the brick and mortar of Central High School and blend in happily in a sea of faces.

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White Suits

Mark Twain enters my mind,

Takes a seat, and

I become his front porch.


For a man with such great potential

Of explosive wit and verbiage–

He says nothing as he strikes

A match…


…And lights a fine Cuban cigar.


The sun is shining brightly so

That the white suit he so

Loudly and proudly wears



I want so desperately to ask

Why he wears such white suits,

But alas– I’m simply an observer,

I feel stiff as a board.


He sits in his rocking chair,

Gently puffing on his stogie.

A cat screams from misplaced tail

And ten years take flight from this

Famous old man.


Every so often, he’ll crack a smile–

Even laugh unto himself–

How many more stories race about

Under those white curls he did not

Want to tell?


His brow furrows as he focuses

To take in a particular scene

Within his line of sight.

What he sees I can’t distinguish,

But he sits back with a chuckle and

A certain satisfied delight.


He gets up, paces back and forth a while,

Then decides to take a walk about town,

What a privilege it’s been to see

Mark Twain smile,

To have my favorite author come in

To my mind and sit down.

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  1. Bravo!

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