Ignorant Voters Challenge One’s Sanity
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Ignorant Voters Challenge One’s Sanity

I actually know some of these people.  This conversation showed up on my facebook page.  These people are angry because Obama will not let them vote a ‘split ticket’ in the August Primary Election.  They throw terms around like “constitutional rights”  and “denied the right to vote”.  These people are Trump supports and they are nuttier than him.  One lady sure showed those corrupt election officials – she claims she voted strictly republican.
Darold Younger

August 2 at 5:40pm ·

 I went to vote, and Realized my constitutional right has been violated in Missouri!!! I was informed that I “COULD NOT VOTE A SPLIT TICKET” why am I being denied the right to vote for the person I feel BEST qualified to serve in the office they are running for? Not even a Libertarian or Constitutional ticket!! I Pray that no vote for one party candidate is a vote for the other party candidate! This really PISSES ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Clayton Vernon
Rod Sears

Rod Sears You have to vote Republican or Democrat. It’s has something to do with deciding what party is in charge of the house or the Senate.


Debby Bowlin-Stallard

Debby Bowlin-Stallard I voted strictly Republican.


Sheila Montague Pauley

Sheila Montague Pauley It’s a primary. They always do party tickets in a primary to select the candidate that will run for that party in November. They won’t let you split parties up for a primary. You will be able to vote split-ticket in the General Elections or you can go a straight-party ticket if you want. You just can’t do it during a primary, where each party makes a selection of a candidate to go forward to the November elections.


Lorie Preble Vestal

Lorie Preble Vestal I agree 100 percent.


Linda Hamm

Linda Hamm I’ve always said the same thing! I don’t want to vote for a party I want to for for a person!!


Toni Hayson

Toni Hayson That’s why I haven’t chosen a side to be affiliated with because of this crap.


Sheila Montague Pauley

Sheila Montague Pauley For primaries, you can always choose Nonpartisan and they will give you a ballot without people on it and you can vote only for the issues (usually tax increases). Just let each party sort it out for themselves. Only one person from each party will make it to general elections where you can vote for whomever you want, even write in whomever you want.


Darold Younger

Darold Younger They didn’t even offer me a Nonpartisan ticket! but there was a question on each about if I would approve a tax to repair and maintain the Levees here, but why would I vote to do that when they are run and regulated by the Army Corps of Engineers? they fucked up the Levees a few years ago, let THEM fix em!


Sheila Montague Pauley

Sheila Montague Pauley I think you have to ask for the Nonpartisan probably since most people go party tickets. They screwed up a lot of levee’s. I wonder if you guys have some private state run or local run levee’s there. You didn’t have the out of state motor vehicle tax question? Weird, I thought that was state wide, must have been local too.


Darold Younger

Darold Younger Sheila Montague Pauley They said something about it, but couldn’t produce one, and as for the out of state tax there was nothing ever mentioned here about it that I heard! and our levees here are controlled by the Corps of Engineers


Sheila Montague Pauley

Sheila Montague Pauley I’m sure that’s true, it must be a levee district by the Corps. That would be the only way I think it would only be on the ballot for your area and not for the whole state to vote on. But still that’s Federal Money, shouldn’t be state money. I wouldn’t think anyway.


Sheila Montague Pauley

Sheila Montague Pauley I detest taxes anyway you look at it. LOL


Gary L. Clark
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Justin Brookshire

Justin Brookshire This is not how this is supposed to work. Go home government your drunk.


Janis Granny Consolver

Janis Granny Consolver Welcome to Obamas liberal world


Lisa Ann Cryderman Jones
Lisa Ann Cryderman Jones

Lisa Ann Cryderman Jones Are you serious!!?? Wth!! Glad I’m going back to Upper Michigan!


James Tackett

James Tackett I know the feeling I was told the same


Mark H Lloyd

Mark H Lloyd What the Hell is that all about you can’t vote for who you want you have to vote party only?

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  1. Sigh…………One grows weary. I must confess my ignorance regarding primary elections. I carried that lack of experience and unknowing to my first ever election. This was when we had to be 21 to vote. So, here I am it’s 1972 and I am now 23 years old. Because, I loved John and Robert Kennedy I leaned to Democrat. However, my Father in law was staunch Republican and just knew I was going to burn in Hell’s inferno by voting Democrat. Compromise, that’s a good word. I studied and educated myself on each an every candidate in every position that was of concern for me, my family and residency. A list was made. There were some from each party (Split Ticket). I’m not sure why I missed the class on Primary Elections, if there ever was one. But, when I was asked to declare my party, I proudly said I’m an Independent. The woman wasn’t looking for trouble, but soon found some when she handed me a ballot with only district and state issues. Somewhere along the way I had got the notion that elections were to be by secret ballot and that no one need know my party, if any, or whom I voted for. I blame it on pregnancy hormones, I was really upset. I stated that this was not right, she was denying my voter privilege and rights. Now, there were many elders who were backing me up and agreed that I was absolutely right about that. The woman only stated “rules are rules” and you may vote either only on the issues or declare Rep or Dem and vote on one or the other of those ballots. I was not going miss out on my first opportunity to vote regards a big election and declared Democrat. My Father in Law just didn’t need to know. However, I did grieve over the inability to vote for some really incredible individuals on the Republican side. I sympathize with people who haven’t had the opportunity to understand the workings of Primary elections. Mostly, I wonder how in this wild and crazy world can we reduce the voting age to 18 and NOT I repeat NOT provide adequate education at the High School level so the young ones don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of ignorance at the Primary Polls. Yet, what is the excuse of those old enough to know better and don’t. I am still an Independent and have not registered with any party. I declare what my conscience bears on me to vote an action not to be taken lightly, but with earnest diligence to better our country. Yes, it is a shame that we have those who never seem to catch on. Yes, it is wearisome to tell this story of mine, almost every Presidential Election.

  2. Nancy, I too voted in my first national election in 1972. It was the one and only time I voted for a Republican for President. My life has been blessed – Opportunity knocks on my door whether I am ready or not. So perhaps my umbrage is misdirected. Your fault, my fault, nobody’s fault, I get frustrated with people who cannot separate the School Board from the City Council, or the President of the United States from local election authorities. You are correct – our secondary education system is failing – one need look no further than Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. I don’t mind ignorance and I give about thirty hours a week of volunteer time to those who need an interpreter to live in our complex world – but when that mass of ignorance is duped by a political party for selfish gain than I am infuriated. We are seeing the fruits of ignorance in Trump.

  3. I encourage everyone to register and go vote. I do wonder at times though, if an aptitude test should be given. There are thoughts and ideas out there (especially this year) that defy reason or common sense. I know I sure don’t believe the world has progressively gotten worse because we have eaten too many apples. Yep, it’s all Eve’s fault.

  4. Nancy, One of the tactics used in the South after the 15th Amendment granting the right to vote to all was a test to determine competence. Generally, there was one essay question – which black people always failed.

    Like you said, I would like to see some sort of competency test – but I am unable to imagine one that would be fair. I think that Washington, Adams, and Jefferson were elected by the Senate – I don’t remember –

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