Clinton Trump Debate Can Go Off The Rails
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Clinton Trump Debate Can Go Off The Rails

Clinton Trump characatureWOW!  We are in for a treat.  Maybe I should restate that – if we like fireworks we might like the Clinton Trump Debates.  If we like the idea of diplomats debating world affairs we are probably not going to enjoy the evening.  Let the debates begin – with more potential for fireworks than any in memory.

Look for the barbs:

Clinton, “Keep your small hands off the nuclear button”.  Whooo!  Would Trump let that one slide?  If she trips his anger trigger look out – there is nothing off limits for Trump.

When I started this essay I had some really clever ideas about what Trump might say – but as I write I realize that my mother might read this and I fear retribution for she has her own ideas about political correctness.  So try to imagine what Trump might say if Hillary made a reference to his small hands.  We already know that Trump enjoys going for the jugular and sexist comments from the Clinton camp will surly provoke a tirade of sexual comments from Trump.

Here are a few light suggestions.  From Trump, “Yeah well my hands are bigger than Bill’s”.

Or: “You want to know about my hands in your dreams, bitch”.

Or: “There hasn’t been any blood flowing from you in decades. You dried up prune face.  Yeah, everyone, look at that face.  We don’t want that face in the White House!”

But what about HIllary?  How might Trump shake her cage?  What might set her off?  It would clearly be to his advantage if he could show that she cannot take the heat.

Question to Trump, “What aspects of Ms. Clinton’s immigration policy do you disagree with?”

Clinton TrumpTrump: “I heard Crooked Hillary likes Mexicans.  Why do you think she wants them to stay close by.  I mean really folks, what is she getting from those wetbacks?  She likes skin hardened and browned from sweating in the apple orchard during harvest.  Why do you think she does not care what Bill does with his bimbos?”  I actually would not put something like that past Trump.  But the question is, would it rile HIllary?  What would?  What could Trump do that would unhinge Hillary before a national audience?

We are told that Hillary is studying in the traditional method of televised political debates.  We are told that Trump is not studying or training – he is confident he can manage She is reported to be studying his previous debates.  Is she just preparing to manage anything he says, or is she planning an offense?  We don’t know.

If Trump managed to knock Hillary off her game, what might that look like?  How might that manifest?  We have only seen her get angry in public a few times.  Here is one example:

So we have here a moment of Hillary responding with out teleprompter or scripted answers.  What do you think?  How did she handle herself?

And back to Trump.  The problem with finding video of an angry trump moment is that there are too many.  Most of the youtube videos on Trump start with “Top Five” or “Top ten” or “Biizarre Trump Moments.”  Here is one:

Stay tuned.  This is going to be some show.

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  1. I’ve only just read this. Sorry that I hadn’t done so sooner or maybe not. I stated in another forum, that I had recorded the debate as my husband, two oldest sons and I were spending quality time enjoying a Mexican Birthday dinner celebrating my husband’s 67 years. Admittedly I wasn’t keen on the debate in any sense, but my husband and sons are Trump fans. God Bless them and keep them safe. I to this day can claim only watching about 20 minutes of the charade and that in small doses of about 5 to ten minutes at a time. Yep! Finally I just deleted it. These people (Hillary & Donald) are a JOKE! They are an embarrassment to our country and expect good, honest, hard working individuals, who hold a high regard for their country right after God and their families, they expect to get votes! How crazy is that? We the people should just give them both the boot! It very well may be the time for a third party to win and win big.

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