Trump The Democrat? Runs As Republican?
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Trump The Democrat? Runs As Republican?

Donald Trump actually does have New York values.  What does that mean?  Generally, when people congregate in large urban areas they become more liberal.  Why? Donald Trump has held liberal political views all of his adult life.  He ran for President ass a Republican because he knew the Democratic Party would not accept his lack of curiosity, his insistence on self-promotion, his inability to delay gratification – in short, the Democrats do not accept Trump because of his fundamental adolescent immaturity.

When people live in close quarters, as in an urban setting, they learn patience and tolerance.  Great creativity is spawned by the synergy of human community.  Think of the Italian Renaissance or the Harlem Rennaissance.  Urban settings are bastions of cultural and societal change.  Liberals are generally open to change, Conservatives, by definition, are reluctant to change.  Neither is absolutely right or wrong.  There is value in both openness and caution.

Back to Trump – here is a man raised in one of the most progressive and creative urban settings in history.  Trump’s name has become a brand – and that brand says expensive, new, change, tear down the old and build new, eminent domain……

The historical record shows the big city urban values of the man Trump.  Check it out:

So why has the Republican party embraced Trump?  Well – they did during the primaries but now many of the Republican leadership is seeing what the Democrats already knew – Trump is promoting Trump – he has no interest in conservative values.

This is a great chapter in American history for it highlights everything important in a democracy.

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