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New Fireside Post Format

Well, here we are, almost ten years into the grand experiment of a father and son chat on the internet.  We quickly became and have had a couple of major upgrades since.  My son, the Administrator of this magazine, got a new job, went back to school, had more children, yadda, yadda… He became too busy for this trite endeavor.  I also fell away from regular writing.  But something happened in the world of son administrators.  He is back, wreaking havoc on a site that I had become quite comfortable with.

That is not exactly fair.  What happened in the past ten years is the world of mobile internet blossomed into the main attraction for internet look up.  Our site was not “mobile friendly”.  I mentioned this to my very busy son and he jumped right on it.  (I admit that I am grateful).

He has loaded thefiresidepost with a new theme – an entirely different look.  He says it is much more mobile friendly.  How would I know, I have not yet participated in that new world.  I did not know the world of online blogging or writing or online magazines until my son snookered me.  Here I am again.

Be patience fireside fans.  Every new theme requires some due diligence – some artful study and contemplation.

I am going to post this so I can go to the side and see what it looks like.  Oh Boy!

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