A facebook Discussion On Single Payer Insurance
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Gary L. Clark is an author. After a thirty year career he retired to write a novel. He then joined a counselor-in-training program at the local community mental health center and worked three years as a substance abuse counselor. He retired again and has written two more novels. He recently completed the annotation of a self-help book on faith-based self-help. Two published novels (available on Amazon.com) address social justice. Mr. Clark is the Editor of thefiresidepost.com. He lives in St. Joseph, Missouri.

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A facebook Discussion On Single Payer Insurance


1. Of course, start with Medicare for all

2. Cover medicines, thus eliminating Part D expense to Americans

3. Give Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies

4. Expand Medicare so that there would be no need for expensive tie- in supplemental private insurance

5. Eliminate the subsidies to Medicare Advantage plans that are currently run by private insurance companies to the detriment of Medicare

6. Give Medicare the resources to deal with abuse of the system, which still only has a 4% overhead in spite of the abuse

7. Pay for the expanded Medicare through cost savings and increasing the Medicare tax

Ron Taylor Minimizing the influence of insurance companies and reducing the greed of drug companies by negotiating lower prices would go a long way toward paying for the expansion

Bob Silva
Bob Silva 8. noneof that is gonna happen with this president

Ron Taylor
Ron Taylor I don’t know about this President but we know that it never happened with the prior President and it will never happen until we get rid of the greed
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Bob Silva
Bob Silva i agree …..the ACA was a blunder….8 years of fighting for poor people to have a health insurance card…i will never agree with him pushing it …..a jobs bill out of the gate would have been much better for liberial america

Gary L. Clark

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Patty Weitz
Patty Weitz I had concerns about Medicare for all, but with these changes it will be perfect! 2 and 3 are crucial. #4 is a big YES.
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Peg Pella
Peg Pella I think those simple and obvious benefits to the American people are too complicated for our legislators.
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Robert Stuber
Robert Stuber True until the ground swell for Medicare for all becomes deafening at which point they will figure it out
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Peg Pella
Peg Pella That’s my prayer.
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Gary L. Clark

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Dennis Jesinsky
Dennis Jesinsky Thanks for sharing!

Michael Fernette
Michael Fernette Hmmm, health care not that difficult if the people are put first. Thanks!
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Robert Stuber
Robert Stuber Correct Michael. And that is exactly where the Ryan plan totally missed the boat
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Gary L. Clark

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John Keiffer
John Keiffer Excellent plan!!!
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Sharon Shutts
Sharon Shutts Sounds good, but this administration wants to use healthcare funds to benefit big corporations, not people.
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Robert Stuber
Robert Stuber True. We still have to work to tilt public opinion in our favor. It will come. Keep the faith.
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Gary L. Clark
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Sue Conner
Sue Conner excellent plan

Kathy Copas
Jerry Anders
Jerry Anders I’m with you brother.

Calethia Hill
Calethia Hill They would have a winner if they did that. LOL
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John Moszyk
John Moszyk Denmark and German solution for healthcare. Stop the fascist Republican cuts.
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Lance Davis
Lance Davis Absolutely! And to Ron’s comment… it’s inevitable…just a question of time
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C.E. Coffin
C.E. Coffin Get serious about #6 because the fraudsters are blatantly stealing from the plan!

Robert Stuber
Robert Stuber And the overhead is still only 4%. Pretty damn good. Big insurance is taking advantage of Americans every day through junk health care insurance. And I am serious.
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Gary L. Clark

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Greg Butchart
Greg Butchart I just got a robocall claiming Schaaf is siding with liberals. I wonder what is going on.
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Anita Meehan
Anita Meehan Yeah, right! Now there’s one I wouldn’t believe!!!!
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Diane Waddell
Diane Waddell !!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!

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