Chief’s Football Analysis by PEG
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Chief’s Football Analysis by PEG

Well….I must comment on the KC Chiefs victory last night. Those of you who know me well….after being a lifetime fan, who remembers watching the Chiefs Win the Super Bowl in 1970, know the Chiefs lost my unconditional love after they lost 1998 AFC Divisional Home Game (13-3, home field advantage, 1st round bye) to the Broncos 14-10. They got there because of the MVP play of Rich Gannon and the leadership of Marcus Allen. The reason for the loss was Schottenheimer’s STUPID decision to start Elvis Grbac, in place of Rich Gannon! That team would have marched right into the Super Bowl if he had NOT made that fateful decision! ! I could go on and on……..

Anyway….since then, the Hunt’s have FAILED miserably in their attempt to put together a championship caliber team. Don’t talk to me about playoffs, the only “W” that matters after a 48 year drought IS A SUPER BOWL WIN!!!

Last night’s victory was the first big win that showed some potential. The Chiefs WON that game, not because the Patriots Lost it, but because the Chiefs were definitely the better team. Solid play was responsible for the Win… not turnovers, bad luck, bad calls, injuries, etc.

This is what I saw.

1) Andy Reid FINALLY opened up the offense and he didn’t wait until we were way behind. He FINALLY gave Smith the confidence to do what he has always been capable of, it’s time to put up or sit down as far as Smith is concerned. NO MORE dink and dunk!!

2) No body is talking about this, BUT the offensive line FINALLY gave Smith the time he needs to go down the field!

3) Reid did NOT sit on a close lead, he kept after the Patriots until the END!!

4) The Chiefs scored TDs instead of FGs!!!! When is the last time the Chiefs played ANY game WITHOUT a FG!!!!!

5) The Chiefs struck oil with their new offensive weapon!! Could we have possibly kicked ass in the draft with Mahomes AND Hunt???!!! Hunt is out of the bag now and will be on everyone’s radar, hopefully he can keep on rolling!

6) Defense did what they were expected to do, but they stepped it up a notch on 4th downs.

Now, the low lights…..

1) Eric Berry….he CANNOT be replaced, what a tragedy! The secondary is weak.

2) Kelce…what an immature, selfish, asshole!! He should have gotten thrown out OR Reid should have yanked him from the rest of the game. His behavior will lose us games. I hope the team at least fines him. Remarkably, he was interviewed before the game….he talked about how being made a captain changed his outlook and that he was done acting irresponsibility!!

3) 150yds?? IN PENALTIES!!!! That has to change immediately, there is NO excuse for it going forward.

4) Colquitt??? He has been the MVP year after year after year. Was not his best game, hope it was an anomaly.

5) Special Teams?? WTF?? Did they cleanly handle any of the punts??? That can be fixed.

I am not jumping on any band wagon…it is a long season. Again, the only WINNING season I care about is one that ends with another Lombardi Trophy residing at One Arrowhead Drive!!!! Go Chiefs!!

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