Curiosity is Not Alone in Killing the Cat
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Nancy Belle. I am a reader. Books have been my safe haven for a great part of my life. My children all marveled at my ability to shut everything out and escape the turmoil around me, just by picking up a book. Much of what I know about this world is from the written word. My education is much greater than what is shown on paper, simply because I can and love to read. Having come to my senior years I have stories to tell and opinions to share, hopefully for your pleasure or enlightenment. Yet, perhaps some may not be in agreement or find my stories boorish, that's alright, too. Here's to my exploring and finding my way, with words!

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Curiosity is Not Alone in Killing the Cat

A curiosity moment led me to wonder, “Just what are the most probable causes of the Apocalypse and if any, the percentages of certainty?” I found many articles and many opinions on the subject and very little speculation or mathematics on how to rate each catastrophe with a percentage of ‘Most Likely’ to happen. What was very interesting,  is what did make the list, in almost every instance… 

Artificial Intelligence, seems that many scientists have seen ‘The Terminator’ and believe the movies are prophetic or a glimpse at ‘Back to the Future’. This particular end of humanity, and the world as we know It, was given up to a 10% chance of possibility and the Number 1 spot on a list of twelve possible catastrophes. Extreme Climate Change was rated at only .01% possibility along with Nanotechnology, Synthetic Biology and Unknown Consequences. Also making the list are; Super Volcano at .00003%, Global Pandemic at .0001%, with Human Population Growth (Ecological Collapse), Nuclear War, Asteroid Impact, Bad Global Governance and Global System Collapse which are all unrated. These are the twelve most favored from this particular article.

Others I found were; Death of the Sun, Cyber Attacks, Grey Goo, Experimental Technology Accident (An accidental ‘Big Bang’ destroying the entire universe), Extraterrestrial invasion, Natural Climate Change, Cosmic threats, Geomagnetic Reversal, Naturally arising pathogens and Neo Biota, Mega Tsunami, Reverse Evolution (Degeneration),and believe it or not, Zombies came in number four in the search results on Bing.
Yes… a full on Zombie Apocalypse is not beyond the imagination or science, folks. Apparently, Hati still has the knack to create a true zombie and only needs a facility and funds to go into mass production. Brain parasites contracted by our cats from rats and passed along to us, is a high possibility. Mad Cow Disease transmitting the ‘Rage Virus’ to beef eaters everywhere, along with reanimation of the dead with stem cells, or Nano Cyborgs already a reality with Nano chips attached to viruses successfully.

In most instances there is no protection or prevention except to become extreme Preppers and/or Off Griders, add; don’t own a cat, don’t eat beef or become comatose and learn to take care of ones self, efficiently, as well as acquiring the CDC recommended ‘Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit’, equally useful in other extreme pandemics and catastrophes.

As for Artificial Intelligence, maybe, we just need to get back to thinking for ourselves a little bit. In the case of too much Humanity, we have the means to control our numbers, meaning ‘Birth Control’ in it’s many pregnancy preventing forms, and before any government mandates on childbirth, preference should be given to making sure men and women have easy access to the various options, without resorting to abortion, as a means of birth control. We can conserve our humanity, while attempting to reduce our population growth. Which appears to be one of the biggest Global threats and the basic component of many of the others listed.

Hope for renewal, hope for redemption, hope for a ‘Thousand Years of Peace’ after the Tribulations.

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  1. Nicely done Nancy

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