Stand For Defense of Constitution
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Stand For Defense of Constitution

From a post by Nancy:

Well… Can’t speak for all Americans, but sometimes I get peeved and as an American that loves my freedoms and ability to choose my actions and beliefs… Demanding and legislating that everyone must stand for the Anthem is the WRONG way to go.

Should proud citizens of the USA show their respect for the Flag and Country during the playing of the Anthem? Absolutely! This is not Russia or Korea or Cuba and mandates are not welcome by most Americans.

Respect is something that should be taught to our young people, basic manners should be taught to our young people and providing a decent role model is something American adults should be for our young people.

Sorry President Trump I can’t and won’t support this off course idea.

Players of the NFL, this is not a support of your actions, being a good role model is the rule of the day for you. Many of you have failed to do so. Bravo, to those of you who have not broken to peer pressure and were able to stand for their individual right to show they love and respect their Flag and Country and what the Anthem really stands for. The ‘National’ in National Football League stands for this Country, the USA and needs to be respected.


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  1. I am humbled… Thank you

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