When We Are Filled With Hate And Fear
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Thomas Franklin is new (11-17) to thefiresidepost.com. He has no experience with being published as an author. He has a fondness for reading and an appreciation of words. His curiosity is insatiable. He carries the burdens of his youth like Marley dragging his chains of bad deeds. The difference is that Marley's burdens were a result of his behavior. Life just happened to Mr. Franklin. These life burdens shall be the topic of Mr. Franklin's writing. Be kind for he is quite sensitive.

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When We Are Filled With Hate And Fear

What are the common denominators with people who are filled with hate and fear?  What are the symptoms? What are their political views? What is wrong with them???

They were abused as children.  That is the one common feature of the hateful and fearful.  Their parents tried to beat them into respectful adults.  Or the parents gave them no love or attention. The parents failed.  Their youth was the chaos of not knowing from moment to moment how they were to be treated.

These are folks who act like all is well.  They go to some fringe church – the mainstream does not tolerate their hateful spirit.  If they are in a mainstream faith religion then they are on the extreme in their congregations. They are exhibitionists – publicly parading their religion so all might see their purity.  With their facade securely in place they berate the those of lesser beliefs.

Some of them send money to the televangelists – believing there will be a ten-fold return. Fools.

Actually, hate is a product of fear.  Thus theses fearful folks lead lives afraid of the next moment or next day.  They secretly know they are frauds; not consciously, but they know.  The fear drapes their shoulders with the weight of uncertainty.  They struggle even more with control in order to minimize the chaos.  Their lives sink deeper into chaos; their hate emerges as a defense mechanism.

Child abuse comes in many forms.  Poverty is abusive.  Outbursts of anger light up the chaos.  The out-of-control parents forces control on the children.  Fear mounts, accumulates with each passing day.

Fear energizes rebellion against mainstream life.  Fear takes up minor causes elevating them to life hurdles.  Fear is like a black hole, drawing other fearful people together.  They become ‘white supremacists’.  Or Nazis.  Or fundamentalist faith followers.  Black and white rule with no compromise tolerated.  Rigid is the norm.  Religion trumps spirituality.

Anything less than absolutism becomes the enemy.

And they vote for Donald Trump.

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