Seaside Beginning
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Steven Michael entered Northwest Missouri State University as a freshman in the fall of 2017. Steven is majoring in Creative Writing and Publishing

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Seaside Beginning

Seaside Beginning

By Steven Michael


I see you on the windowsill,

looking onward to the sky.

You stare into the brightest days

with ember eyes;


Wishing upon movement.

I remember how

you looked at me,

daydreaming of

yesterday’s forever.

Like chalk butterflies,

like seaside goodbyes,


How they crashed into our lives

like the waves on

limestone slabs.

They chiseled our simple life

making it rough without them.


Pushing us until we broke

In the pressure of the sea.

We were glass.

Alone as they left.

Split apart

and sewn together;

to fall back to old.


You left

because how could you

love a man lost at sea,

when you’re already

flying in the clouds,

feeling that midnight breeze.


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