Kelly Ann Conway on Domestic Violence
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Kelly Ann Conway on Domestic Violence

Kelly Ann Conway, some sort of advisor to the President of the United States, was on CNN this morning.  She was present on the set of State of The Union with Jake Tapper. 

A little back story – A Presidential aid, Rob Porter, has been accused by two ex-wives of domestic violence.  He denied the accusations and resigned from his position at the White House.  Mr. Porter is reportedly dating Presidential Advisor Hope Hicks.  One of the ex-wives was quoted as saying that if Rob has not yet assaulted Hope then he will soon.  That’s the story going into the Tapper interview.

Kelly Ann gave us the term “alternative facts”.  She is a spin master.  When asked by Jake Tapper about the threat to Hope Hicks by Rob Porter, Kelly Ann launched a diatribe of reasons Hope Hicks will not be a victim.  “… She is strong… has great instincts… loyalty… has heart… is doing her job… has a strong family…”

What does this line of defense suggest?  Is Kelly Ann Conway suggesting that women who are abused are at fault for not being  ‘strong’, ‘has heart’ and on and on.  Is being a victim of domestic violence a statement about your character?


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  1. Kelly is the worst spin doctor evvvvvvvvvvvvver.. As much as I would like for the president to quit twitting, I would like, even more, for him to fire this incompetent dim wit. Getting back to Rob Porter, a better statement would be “he is alleged to have committed domestic abuse” or “Those who have worked with him have not found any reason to doubt his claim of innocence” or “In this country, the USA, all are innocent until proven quilty” it’s a Constitutional thing you know! If someone quits, resigns or is asked to quit or resign, is not a declaration of quilt. It’s a “We have more important things to do, than ward off stings and arrows caused by yet another alleged bad deed or criminal act. Bring on the formal charges, bring on the court hearings, bring on the findings of innocent or guilty and if guilty bring on the sentencing. None of this need to be diverting the processes of our Presidents or Congresses’ work. Also, since when, in America, is it a given that everyone must believe the ‘alleged victim’ ie: accuser. Since when is it proper to try someone in the Media and make all who disagree or at the very least, make no decision based on current information, co-conspirators who become complicit merely by stating they found no wrong in the accused, based on their own relationship! This Lynch Mob Media needs to be stopped.

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