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Ohg Rea Tone is all or nothing. He is educated and opinionated, more clever than smart, sarcastic and forthright. He writes intuitively - often disregarding rules of composition. Comment on his posts - he will likely respond with characteristic humor or genuine empathy. He is the real-deal.

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Mr. Clark and Ohg Rea Tone

Last year Mr. Clark, the Editor of this magazine took away my writing privileges because he said I was too caustic.  I got it.  I am sarcastic – and I understand sarcasm can be toxic.  I was told that I rant and rave too much.  He likes my witticisms.  He thinks I am clever.  He […]

7Mar2014 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Moveon.org Medicaid Petition

26Jan2014 | | Comments Off on Moveon.org Medicaid Petition | Continued
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Duck Dynasty – When Rednecks Are No Longer Funny

You might be a redneck if you go to family reunions looking for girls.  Pretty funny stuff right there.  God forgive me.  Duck Dynasty is a reality show airing on A&E.  The premise is simple – some rednecks living in the swamplands of Louisiana became rich selling hand wrought Duck calls.  But, alas, they remain […]

25Dec2013 | | Comments Off on Duck Dynasty – When Rednecks Are No Longer Funny | Continued
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Military Priorities – Education, Health Care, and Golf

The Sequester is upon us.  I just saw a feed on CNN that the military is going to cut back on military funerals at Arlington National Cemetery.   One might think these nuts have their priorities out of whack. Anyone who talks revenue increases confine themselves to taxing the top 2% income bracket.  But what about […]

28Feb2013 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Some “Pope” Resignation Headlines

Pope Benedict the something has resigned.  Some of our politicians might consider the example.  No Pope has resigned his office in the last 590 years.  Shocked, the news media went into action.  There were some pretty funny and clever headlines. Here are a few: “Holy see you later” “Vacancy at the Vatican” “Can Popes do […]

12Feb2013 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Obama, Racism, And Gun Violence in South Chicago

A family buried their daughter today.  15 year old Hadiya Pendleton was killed earlier this week by that crazy phenomenon of irrational gun violence.  Did I mention that Hidiva was black?  Did we note she was killed on Chicago’s South Side – the epicenter of gun violence in new reports.  This is tough to talk […]

9Feb2013 | | 4 comments | Continued
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To Be, or Not To Be – Do We Have a Choice?

Hamlet asked, “To be or not to be?” That was his question. He was addressing some new information in his life which presented ethical questions – like “Do I shed more blood or do I let it go?” The question has presented itself many times in my life. Generally, I shed the blood. So I […]

24Jan2013 | | Comments Off on To Be, or Not To Be – Do We Have a Choice? | Continued
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Creepy Ad by drawtheline.org

My first take on this ad was that it was produced by some anti-abortion provocateur to discredit the celebration of 40 years since Roe V. Wade. This smooth talking black guy is offering a rose and a glass of wine as a toast to the judicial victory. I interpreted an image of Obama – clearly […]

24Jan2013 | | Comments Off on Creepy Ad by drawtheline.org | Continued
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Bearing the Sword of Justice

I am Aries, born under Mars. I swing a heavy sword, the heavy sword of justice. The sword strikes at ignorance, at injustice, at human frailty. A child is threatened. Captured by the rogue of the closed mind. The child, once destined for greatness, becomes the rogue. Small town America, a bastion of self righteous […]

17Jan2013 | | Comments Off on Bearing the Sword of Justice | Continued
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Colbert and O’Reiley on Racial Insensitivity

Here is another great video from Colbert: The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive

10Jan2013 | | Comments Off on Colbert and O’Reiley on Racial Insensitivity | Continued
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Just for laughs

I do not know anything about this stream of videos.  Someone posted this on facebook and I happened to see it.  enjoy:  

8Jan2013 | | Comments Off on Just for laughs | Continued
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Lt. Gen. Boykin Conservative Video and Response

YIKES!!!!  Check out the video and a response by a thoughtful man in Virginia.     The following diatribe was cut from a conservative email floating around the country – this is an example oof how really crazy some people are – We are not talking about a healthy think-outside-the-box crazy – but dangerous crazy. Here […]

6Jan2013 | | Comments Off on Lt. Gen. Boykin Conservative Video and Response | Continued
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Jef Foxworthy on Being a Missourian

(This was taken in its entirety from an email). Missouri according to Jeff Foxworthy: If someone in a Home Depot store offers you assistance and they don’t even work there, you may live in Missouri. If you’ve worn shorts and a jacket at the same time, you may live in Missouri. … If you’ve had […]

5Jan2013 | | Comments Off on Jef Foxworthy on Being a Missourian | Continued
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Grand Canyon 2012 Winter Expedition II

27Dec2012 | | Comments Off on Grand Canyon 2012 Winter Expedition II | Continued
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Grand Canyon 2012 Winter Expedition

27Dec2012 | | Comments Off on Grand Canyon 2012 Winter Expedition | Continued
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The Stuppy & Clark Expeditionary Force

Bryan Stuppy, LISW, LADAC, a leading psychologist in New Mexico, has asked me to join him on an Expeditionary Force to study the effects of primal living in a nomadic tribal environment.  The ruse has been established.  The ‘tribe’ thinks they are to study the effects of man-made flooding in the Grand Canyon.  In reality […]

9Nov2012 | | Comments Off on The Stuppy & Clark Expeditionary Force | Continued
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Does Astrology Deserve a Second Look?

Astrology – that demonic foolishness of psychics, the dreadful life of superstition, the means by which Nancy Reagan corrupted the White House.  How many ways can we dismiss Astrology as something not of sane purpose?  Have we been unfair?  I only know that I have.  I never gave Astrology a first look.  I dismissed the […]

30Oct2012 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Theology and Boundaries

When we step on the wet leaves of spirituality we risk slipping and falling.  The fall can be disastrous.  We might whack our heads and wake up with all sorts of belief systems that cannot be scientifically proved. Consider this:  Some believe in a virgin birth.  Some believe in bodily resurrection.  Some believe there was […]

30Oct2012 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Grand Canyon Rafting – National Park Service Orientation Video

Excitement abounds.  After a hard year in my life I will wrap up 2012 with a very dear old friend on a 25  day rafting/camping trip down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon National Park.  The trip has a degree of danger so the Park Rangers require an orientation – first by video (included […]

25Oct2012 | | Comments Off on Grand Canyon Rafting – National Park Service Orientation Video | Continued
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Old Men Walking, And Falling Down

I am a senior.  That is the life designation we get when we are between middle age and elderly.  My health is generally good.  I walk about three miles every day and as a result I take no medications for any heart or respiratory conditions.  But walking of late has become a treacherous proposition.  I […]

23Oct2012 | | Comments Off on Old Men Walking, And Falling Down | Continued
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Who Am I? Searching for the Modern Identity

I am liberal, angry, Aries, impatient, intolerant, loving, forceful, kind, intense, educated, brother, son, father, grandfather, friend, forgiving, humble, proud.  Which defines me?  Any?  All?  Am I modern?  Post-modern?  And who are you?  To whom do I answer?  What philosophy?  Religion? Country? Club?  We live in a complex world, a fast world requiring quick judgement […]

13Oct2012 | | 2 comments | Continued
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15 Amp Rovian Politics

Lee Atwater and Karl Rove can take credit for the partisanship of America’s 21st Century politics.  By playing on the ignorance of the masses, the lack of critical thinking, the fears, the prejudices, and the perverted glory people find in righteous indignation at the expense of others – Atwater and Rove changed the face of […]

3Oct2012 | | 2 comments | Continued
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The Crusades of the Religious Fundamentalists

The 21st Century is shaping up much like that of a thousand years past.  A few Muslims poked us in the eye and all of our kinfolk came out of the woods to defend our honor – something like that.  We do not intend in any way to suggest the the horrid attacks on our […]

2Oct2012 | | 1 comment | Continued
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When The State Fails To Protect The Citizens

Long ago, in a less complicated time, my family lived in a quiet neighborhood.  The homes were close together in that old neighborhood.  This was not suburbia.  The lots of the Harris Addition were fifty feet wide and one hundred and fifty feet deep.  The depth was measured from the street to the alley.  Our […]

4Aug2012 | | Comments Off on When The State Fails To Protect The Citizens | Continued
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Looking For James Bond

The mystique of James Bond has come out of a three decades slump. All of the bad guys in the world have heard of 007 – but only the most evil of criminal minds have had the misfortune of making Bond’s acquaintance. So what is it about this mystique that continues to enthrall the movie […]

31Jul2012 | | Comments Off on Looking For James Bond | Continued
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Ban Movie Theater Costumes – Not Guns

We live in an increasingly strange world of conservative logic.  Last week a disturbed man went into an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater, armed with sophisticated guns, and shot 71 people – 12 died.  This is a time of national mourning.  The conservative politicians and pundits are saying, out of respect for the dead and wounded, […]

24Jul2012 | | Comments Off on Ban Movie Theater Costumes – Not Guns | Continued
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Boy Scouts – False Prophets – Eject Gay Eagle Scout

According to the St, Joseph, Missouri, News Press, “A 19 year old Boy Scout has lost his job at Camp Geiger after disclosing that he is gay”.  Words like ‘hypocrisy’ come to mind.  That boy was “trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent,” and what did that get him? […]

19Jul2012 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Can Hatred Counter Love?

Is hate more powerful than love?  Does hate match love dollar for dollar? Hate is proportionate to love – the more one loves, the more one can hate.  The comparison is not one for one. Have you ever been consumed with bitter hatred for many weeks, stretching into months, or years?  Hate does that.  Hatred […]

15Jul2012 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Penn State Child Sexual Abuse by Sandusky

The warnings are legion.  The past fifty years has surely taught us that child sexual abuse cannot be protected in the interest of an institution.  From the Boy Scouts to the Catholic Church the scandals swirled – griping and choking the institutional life.  With this horrendously embarrassing history of protecting pedophiles tucked away in an […]

12Jul2012 | | Comments Off on Penn State Child Sexual Abuse by Sandusky | Continued
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Old Women Talk and Gay Marriage

My mother is eighty-five years old.  She has been living alone the past two months after my father, her husband of sixty-three years, passed away.  She asked me to help refinish her dining room table – and what are you gonna’ do?  So I sanded and polished while she sat and talked.  I was surprised […]

7May2012 | | 8 comments | Continued
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“Never Brag On Your Children”

A relevant post revisited: December, 2009.  Parenting can sometimes feel like a complex endeavor – especially when the child is not cooperating.  When the child is failing to  meet expectations, to make the grade in school, to make the basketball team, to identify future aspirations – whatever – parents can become frustrated.  And that frustration […]

22Apr2012 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Drop Secret Service Protection, Arm The Candidates

FOX News is making a big toot about a recent law that bans protesting within a certain distance from anyone who is protected by the Secret Service.  FOX is proud to note that “Obama signed the Law” – as if the President acts alone in passing laws.  The Republican House passed the law.  The Democratic […]

22Apr2012 | | 1 comment | Continued
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An Open Letter To Obama Haters

Once again my friend Herb Shane has posted something on facebook that is so well done that I am compelled to cut and paste it into a post on this site.  Thanks Herb.   Open letter to the Obama Haters: To your distress, for most of the rest of your life, you will bear this: […]

11Apr2012 | | 8 comments | Continued
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Atticus Finch Killed A Dog!

Is context important?  Atticus Finch was a lawyer who defended a black man charged with raping a white woman.  The locals were pretty angry with Atticus.  And angry people will do just about anything to discredit the perceived source of their unhappiness.  Imagine the headlines in the morning paper after Atticus shot the rabid dog.  […]

10Apr2012 | | Comments Off on Atticus Finch Killed A Dog! | Continued
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George Carlin on the GOP of 2012

He may not be a saint in the eyes of all – but George Carlin has a way of getting to the truth.  Carling strikes quickly.  He is accurate and very precise. So why do working people continue to vote to support corporate greed?

6Apr2012 | | Comments Off on George Carlin on the GOP of 2012 | Continued
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Profiling the Usual Suspects – We Are All Guilty

The facts are not yet clear.  They are muddled more every day by people with agendas who leak information.  One thing is certain – everyone with a comment about Trayvon Martin’s death has an opinion based on limited data.  It seems the profiling did not end with the assessment by the neighborhood watch man accused […]

29Mar2012 | | Comments Off on Profiling the Usual Suspects – We Are All Guilty | Continued
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Poor Judgement in a Fast World

Dear Readers of thefiresidepost.com: I have to personally apologize to readers of thefiresidepost.com (FSP).  I am the Editor – and sometimes I need to be edited.  I have said before that I am more clever than I am smart – and I proved that point again this week.  The visual at the top right is […]

29Mar2012 | | 5 comments | Continued
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Trayvon and Black on Black Violence

NOTE TO READERS:  This post originally contained a racist cartoon image at the top right.  Some found it offensive and we agreed.  We removed the image and apologize for any hurt.  The new picture is of HELL – which is where I am going if I don’t change my ways. I have a facebook friend, […]

27Mar2012 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Trayvon Martin – Racism – and the Media Message

We live in difficult times.  The murder of Trayvon Martin in Florida has refocused our Nation’s conscience on racism.  After a month of media review it appears that the murderer, George Zimmerman, was an over zealous wannabee-police-officer neighborhood watchman.  Zimmerman  was looking for his chance to be a hero.  He saw a young black man […]

24Mar2012 | | Comments Off on Trayvon Martin – Racism – and the Media Message | Continued
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80 Miles Per Hour – Republican Math

One of the people in this car is a Republican.  There is clear Republican math being used.  If we cut taxes we will reduce our revenue thus we will not hove as much money and so our debt will go down. The Republicans must have different size tires on their car. Video: Woman can't explain […]

21Mar2012 | | 2 comments | Continued
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“…a false sense of urgency.”

We are worn out from GOP primary fatigue.  Is that redundant?  Doctor John Sharp, Harvard Medical School psychiatrist and  author of The Emotional Challenge, recently said, “…fatigue dis-emboldens us.”  The 21st Century has proven to be fast and furious.  War is present.  Facebook dominates.  Ipad, ipod, smart phones, wi if, financial upheaval – economic uncertainty, […]

13Mar2012 | | Comments Off on “…a false sense of urgency.” | Continued
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Conservatives Blame Solar Flares on God’s Anger

Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, Pestilence, all products of an Angry God – determined to punish the United States of America for loathsome behavior.  I can hear it now.  Pat Robertson and Rick Santorum must be going crazy with delight. The latest round of Solar Flares are caused by God.  God does not like the way we […]

8Mar2012 | | Comments Off on Conservatives Blame Solar Flares on God’s Anger | Continued
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Save Yourself – Then Pull Up the Ladder

It is not in the nature of man to escape danger and then abandon fellow humans who face the same danger. We see examples in every war of courageous self sacrifice to rescue fellow soldiers.  We often see firefighters or police officers risk their own safety to help others.  The idea works well at an […]

8Mar2012 | | 2 comments | Continued
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People at Wal-Mart Video

I can not help it.  Most of these pictures were taken at the South Belt Wal-Mart in St. Joseph, Missouri.  Two of the people are my siblings – but I will not say which.

1Mar2012 | | 1 comment | Continued
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“…Universal Masculine Purity” – The Conservative Ideal

Are we ready to return to the morale of Victorian England?   It was the age of ‘class structure’.  It was the age of male domination.  It was the age of female submission.  It was the age of child labor in textile mills.  It was the age of long work days and poor health and nutrition.  […]

29Feb2012 | | Comments Off on “…Universal Masculine Purity” – The Conservative Ideal | Continued
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Santorum – The George McGovern of the GOP?

1972 was  a desperate year for liberals.  Civil Rights Acts were passed, anti Viet Nam protesting succeeded, Martin Luther King was gone, Robert F. Kennedy was gone, Richard Nixon was steamrolling with the Kissinger detente, women’s rights were on the table – and desperation to regain the White House led to fanatical overdoses of liberalism […]

14Feb2012 | | 1 comment | Continued
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The Passion of Gun Lovers and Pit Bulls

Gun lovers can sure be passionate. We might have used the word fanatical – but that word has negative connotations. Is it possible to be passionate about guns and not be fanatical? Yes. Is it possible to be passionate about anything and not be fanatical? Yes. I wrote a post last week titled The Phenomenon of Modern Guns. That post instigated a healthy debate by gun lovers – and leads directly to this diatribe of values examination.

11Feb2012 | | 13 comments | Continued
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More Thoughts on American Education

The internet is an enigma.  So is youtube.  While having the power to distribute information with immediacy to all corners of the world – The shortcuts sometimes ignore legitimate research.  But today we will use youtube to demonstrate the troubles with American education. My own experience with American education comes in four basic contexts: my […]

3Feb2012 | | Comments Off on More Thoughts on American Education | Continued
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NASA – Visualization of Global Warming

Imagine Pat Robertson and NASA agreeing on anything.  The anti-scientist and the pure manifestation of science are on the same page.  Pat Robertson recently spoke on Global Warming on the 700 Club television spectacle, saying, They are defending the society. But I tell you stay in doors ladies and gentleman. Stay cool. Get fans or […]

30Jan2012 | | Comments Off on NASA – Visualization of Global Warming | Continued
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The Coming Culture of Mean-Spirited Dissent

Mean-spirited dissent has replaced statesmanship as a guiding principle.  The maddening downward spiral of political retribution has become the norm.  The madness is magnified and given inertia in direct correlation to the speed of modern communications and the unleashing of vast amounts of money in SuperPacs.  There is no time for thoughtful reflection.  Every encounter […]

29Jan2012 | | 4 comments | Continued