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Stand For Defense of Constitution

From a post by Nancy: Well… Can’t speak for all Americans, but sometimes I get peeved and as an American that loves my freedoms and ability to choose my actions and beliefs… Demanding and legislating that everyone must stand for the Anthem is the WRONG way to go. Should proud citizens of the USA show […]

20Oct2017 | | 1 comment | Continued
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NFL, NASCAR and America

So the Divisionaries continue to divide… It’s true that NASCAR has only had 4 black drivers in its history, notably one being a black woman. Yet, the popularity of the sport fades in the light of Football. Where 64% of Americans claim to be fans. Break that down to 73% of men and 55% of […]

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Chief’s Football Analysis by PEG

Well….I must comment on the KC Chiefs victory last night. Those of you who know me well….after being a lifetime fan, who remembers watching the Chiefs Win the Super Bowl in 1970, know the Chiefs lost my unconditional love after they lost 1998 AFC Divisional Home Game (13-3, home field advantage, 1st round bye) to […]

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A Few Thoughts On Tiger Woods Recent DUI

From a friend: A few thoughts on Tiger Woods. Regardless of whether you like him or not and for whatever reason you like him or not, I think the police dodged a bullet on this one. We’ve all seen the videos, some of you may see a drunk, some may see a drug addict, some […]

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Does Race Really Matter?

Transcript from Walla Walla Union Bulletin, Walla Walla, Washington December 20, 1950 Seattle (AP) – A blow on the head with a baseball bat in a neighborhood altercation was fatal Tuesday to Merritt Scotten, 33 year old Seattle pipe fitter. He died of a skull fracture Saturday night. Leon W. Venson 28 a neighbor has […]

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Quotes from Yogi Berra

1. “It ain’t over till it’s over.” 2. “It’s deja vu all over again.” 3. “I usually take a two-hour nap from 1 to 4.” 4. “Never answer an anonymous letter.” 5. “We made too many wrong mistakes.” 6. “You can observe a lot by watching.” 7. “The future ain’t what it used to be.” […]

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A Fan’s Guide to Baseball Lingo

From a friend’s facebook post: Baseball Basics: Lingo A fan’s guide to commonly-used terms and phrases. ace — A team’s best starting pitcher. alley– The section of the outfield between the outfielders. Also “gap.” around the horn– A double play going from third base to second to first. backdoor slider — A pitch that appears […]

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Grand Canyon Toenails and Grease Bombs

Like humans, the Colorado River traverses the path it carved.  The Grand Canyon is the ultimate in manifest Karma.  A harsh, brutal, climate created some of the greatest wonders on this planet.  For some reason people like to go there.  We like to float down the river.  We like the danger of the rapids, the […]

7Mar2013 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Gun Lovers – This Guy Shot Himself

We have written before on the passion of gun lovers.  Personally, I enjoy some guns.  I teach gun safety to my grandsons.  We enjoy shooting clay pigeons, blue rock, skeet – whatever you call it.  We go to the local shooting range located just outside of town.  It is run by the Missouri State Conservation […]

11Jul2011 | | Comments Off on Gun Lovers – This Guy Shot Himself | Continued
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Treachery On The Trail To The Presidency

Every four years scores of people venture out on the trail to the Presidency.  Ultimately only one will finish the journey – will reach the goal.  There is danger at every turn.  One false step and the candidacy can be doomed.  Some recover from a slip or a slide – some perish, dashed on the […]

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Lessons On Exercise For Seniors – And The Need For Stretching

I am a senior.  That is somewhere between middle age and elderly.  Everyone wants to live a long time but no one wants to be old, as the saying goes.  I am just another person trying to delay feeble living.  I have learned a few hard lessons along the path to regular exercise. I wrote […]

26Aug2010 | | Comments Off on Lessons On Exercise For Seniors – And The Need For Stretching | Continued
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The Redemption of Tiger Woods

The redemption of Tiger Woods did not happen with blubbering confessions of sin, orchestrated by treatment programs based solely on anecdote. The redemption of Tiger Woods can only happen with consistent trustworthy behavior over time.

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Kansas Loses to North Iowa

In the upset of the decade number one ranked Kansas lost to Northern Iowa in the second round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  What happened? Northern Iowa won – that is what happened.  They hit the shots when it counted.  Their three point shooting was spectacular and knocked Kansas out of any rhythm. The stunning […]

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Something is Terribly Wrong in Youth Football

He was ‘jacked up’, got his bell rung, he was clocked.  He took it like a man.  This is real man sport.  Only a real man could take a hit like that.  Have you ever heard any of those sort of comments regarding football?  Have you ever used those terms yourself.  I have.  And I […]

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