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Farm Jokes

I met a farmer who was a magician.  He turned a cow into a field. We were in the country, standing by wishing well.  My wife fell in.  I had no idea those things really worked. What this country needs is a lie detector that seed catalogs can take. We tried mating cows and mules […]

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Famous Last Words

I don’t burn.  I tan. Is there anything that I can do? General Custer commanded, “Men, don’t take any prisoners!” If you had any brains or ambition you would not be a traffic policeman. Give me a match, I think the tank is empty. Take off your clothes, the doctor will be with you in […]

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Elephant Jokes

Why does the elephant wear red sneakers.? So he can hide in the strawberry patch. How do you get six elephants in a Ford Focus?  Three in the front and three in the back. Why do elephants have flat feet?  So they can stand on marshmallows. Why do elephants stand on marshmallows?  So they won’t […]

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Ego Humor

He’s not egotistical.  He just loves intelligent people. He collects his own autographs. Some people think they know everything.  They irritate those of us who do. His marriage was a triangle:  Him, his wife, and him. He never takes a hot shower, it clouds his mirror. He found his better half in a mirror. Fall […]

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Courtroom Humor

This was copied from a facebook post.  We fid humor to be refreshing – humor helps keep our sanity from a complete meltdown.  Enjoy. HOW DO COURT RECORDERS KEEP STRAIGHT FACES???? These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts and are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down […]

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