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When The Emotionally Unbalanced Vote, They Always Vote For The Extreme

Lookout Friday! Here they come!  The emotionally unbalanced have found their candidate.  Donald Trump is someone who should never have happened in America – but he has – and it is because one political party began catering to the emotionally unbalanced about forty years ago, and the fall of economic prosperity by American citizens fed […]

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A facebook Discussion On Single Payer Insurance

Robert Stuber Yesterday at 9:24am · AN EXPANDED MEDICARE 1. Of course, start with Medicare for all 2. Cover medicines, thus eliminating Part D expense to Americans 3. Give Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies 4. Expand Medicare so that there would be no need for expensive tie- in supplemental private […]

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AARP Is A Communist Plot To Destroy America!

Allow me to first reveal my bias.  I am a member of AARP.  I am over sixty years old.  I am a male.  I am educated.  I know how to type.  There!  Now you know my background.  AARP is very obviously a communist plot to destroy America.  We need only look at the AARP Bulletin, […]

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Early View of President Obama’s Legacy

In a couple of weeks, we the people of the United States of America shall elect someone to follow President Barack Obama as president of the United States.  This election is as important as 2008 when he was first elected and in 2012 when he was affirmed by the people with reelection.  President Obama is […]

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Global Warming Is Not Intuitive

Science is not always intuitive.  Science is often counter-intuitive.  We humans like to keep things simple.  We also like to answer the question “Why?”  Thus we look at nature and when there is no immediate, obvious, answer we, over time, have been inclined to just give God credit.  The result has been a slow response […]

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“Conservative” Does Not Mean Smaller Government

Ronald Reagan hijacked the term “Conservative” and twisted it to his own political purpose.   Remember his famous quote, something like this: “Government does not solve the problem, government is the problem.”  The dingbats get goosebumps every time they hear that quote.  More military they say, but less government.  The government should leave my social security […]

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The Cost of Illegal Immigration

Sometimes, I think with my heart and project my motherly instincts and experiences in an effort to understand others. In the case of illegal immigrants, I have often thought, if I were a Mexican mother living in the deplorable poverty and enduring the crimes that, reportedly, occur in Mexico. If the opportunity came, I would […]

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Municipal Smoking Bans – Solid Redneck Reasoning

Some scoundrels in St. Joe, Missouri, are trying again to ban smoking at the places where they go for their Sunday morning brunch.  The opposition swigs their beer and pops peanuts between puffs on their favorite means of getting their regular nicotine hit.  Some prefer cigarettes, some a cigar, personally – I favor a pipe.  […]

1Apr2014 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Military Priorities – Education, Health Care, and Golf

The Sequester is upon us.  I just saw a feed on CNN that the military is going to cut back on military funerals at Arlington National Cemetery.   One might think these nuts have their priorities out of whack. Anyone who talks revenue increases confine themselves to taxing the top 2% income bracket.  But what about […]

28Feb2013 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Lt. Gen. Boykin Conservative Video and Response

YIKES!!!!  Check out the video and a response by a thoughtful man in Virginia.     The following diatribe was cut from a conservative email floating around the country – this is an example oof how really crazy some people are – We are not talking about a healthy think-outside-the-box crazy – but dangerous crazy. Here […]

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Seeking debt relief among the dwindling economy – What are your prospects?

About the Author: This article has been written by Amy Lewis. She is associated with Oak View Law Group, a bankruptcy law firm. She writes on a wide range of financial topics like payday loan consolidation, debt settlement texas, debt management, debt consolidation, bankruptcy etc. It is now unanimously acknowledged by all the financial experts […]

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NASA – Visualization of Global Warming

Imagine Pat Robertson and NASA agreeing on anything.  The anti-scientist and the pure manifestation of science are on the same page.  Pat Robertson recently spoke on Global Warming on the 700 Club television spectacle, saying, They are defending the society. But I tell you stay in doors ladies and gentleman. Stay cool. Get fans or […]

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Why We Continue to Support Our President

President Obama had a news conference last week.  He talked sincerely about the state of our economy.  We agree with him.  We believe that the partisan politics in Washington is as responsible for the down economy as any other given factor. We really do find ourselves in a chicken-and-egg scenario. Current budget projections are based […]

2Jul2011 | | 3 comments | Continued
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NFL Dispute – Three Parties: Owners, Players, Public

The NFL Labor dispute is really aggravating.  Such a labor dispute might be none of our business – except we the public are heavily invested in the NFL.  There are times in our history when labor disputes have so directly impacted the public at large that our government has been forced to intervene.  Think of […]

24May2011 | | Comments Off on NFL Dispute – Three Parties: Owners, Players, Public | Continued
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A Lax Regulatory Culture

Law, regulation, rules, structure, order, justice, fairness, equality – whatever we call the excretion of government – some of us will agree and some will not. From the Code of Hammurabi to the speed limits in Punkin Center, Missouri, rules have given structure and order to the culture of mankind.  Hammurabi, as noted in the […]

23Apr2011 | | 1 comment | Continued
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From Egypt To Wisconsin – Protests Were Inevitable

Form the earliest times of humans organizing into tribes the leaders were aware of simple realities: Throw a few crumbs to the masses – enough to feed their children – and you could stay in power.  Deny the masses and suffer protest and eventual stripping of power. Government leaders across the globe – from Egypt […]

20Feb2011 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Finding Meaning in the National Debate About Debt

We have had a major crisis in our house recently that started with a heated conversation about our budget, and I thought that I would share the events that led to our household meltdown so that we might learn from my mistakes and apply those lessons to our national debate about money. It was budget […]

18Feb2011 | | Comments Off on Finding Meaning in the National Debate About Debt | Continued
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Buy American

There use to be a time when there was no need to campaign for “buy American”.  Buying American made products was the norm especially in the 1950’s when our country was strong pre and post war.  But those times are gone and the reality is they will probably never return – at least not with […]

13Nov2010 | | 3 comments | Continued
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President Obama Teaches Kindergarten

President Obama is like a Kindergarten teacher – patiently bringing his pupils along.  We the pupils are not so patient.  This reminds me of a story about one of my grandchildren. Jubilum is one of the younger children in my growing family.  She is as sharp as a whip, quick as a snap, curious as […]

27Sep2010 | | 4 comments | Continued
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The Romantic Tax Protest – Where Is Zorro When You Need Him

The romantic hero, the person who fights the establishment, the archetype who defends the poor, who fights the tax collector, steals from the rich to give to the poor – Where is Zorro when you need him?  Where are Robin Hood, The Three Musketeers, and Jesus – all great heroes who challenged the established norm?  […]

14Apr2010 | | Comments Off on The Romantic Tax Protest – Where Is Zorro When You Need Him | Continued
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Tea Party Movement Based on Emotion – Not Political Ideology

There is a really sad truth about the Tea Party Movement.  The majority of the protesters are not sophisticated political operatives.  I know many of them personally.  These are people who have lived the good American life – they worked and struggled, they saved some money, their children went to public schools, they drink cheap […]

14Apr2010 | | 5 comments | Continued
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Is Ten Percent Too Much For Health Care?

President Obama is having his fourth news conference as I type.  He is suggesting health care will cost us ten percent of our national budget if we do not gain control over costs.  Is that a bad thing?  How do we measure the health of our population against other priorities? When President Eisenhower left office […]

23Jun2009 | | 1 comment | Continued
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The Concept of “Small Business” in 2009

When I was a child growing up in an Ozzie and Harriet neighborhood we had neighborhood grocery stores, hardware stores, gas stations with neighborhood mechanics, and a small bakery. All of these businesses were mom and pop operations. All were a joy to visit. There was always a friendly face and a genuine desire to help the customer. The environment of that time was one of mutual respect and support. As Joe DiMaggio might say, “Nostalgia is not what it used to be.” America has changed – and the mega corporations drive the economy.

30Apr2009 | | Comments Off on The Concept of “Small Business” in 2009 | Continued
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Credit Card Potential Becomes Liability for Banks

Credit Cards – a nasty phrase of doom or the potential for happiness?  That depends on whether you are a bank or a consumer.  And it also depends on the economic climate.  I have held about fifteen credits cards at any one time for many years.  I don’t carry any balances – I don’t owe […]

12Apr2009 | | Comments Off on Credit Card Potential Becomes Liability for Banks | Continued
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Does Our Economic Attitude Matter? A Hole in the Bucket.

Well, they (whoever they is) measure consumer confidence. What do you suppose that is about? Consumer confidence is a measurement of the confidence people have about their ability to sustain their life style – in a manner of speaking. The consequence of positive attitude is that people will spend their money because they have confidence that more is coming. Negative consumer confidence implies that people will not spend their money. Attitude does matter. Gratitude rhymes with attitude for a reason.

7Apr2009 | | Comments Off on Does Our Economic Attitude Matter? A Hole in the Bucket. | Continued
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The Big Disconnect Between Haves and Have-Nots

A really fascinating dichotomy occurs when community leaders have to go to the public for support on tax initiatives.  Our example is of a microcosm of modern America – the town of St. Joseph, Missouri.  We live in rural northwest Missouri, just outside of Punkin Center, and we watch the local economy.  The St. Joseph […]

2Apr2009 | | Comments Off on The Big Disconnect Between Haves and Have-Nots | Continued
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Trust God, But Lock Your Car

The finger pointing has only just begun, and there is reason this is so.  People across this country have been devastated by the collapse of our economy.  The natural stages of grief have kicked in.  The initial stage is denial (John McCain said the fundamentals of the economy are sound).  Denial is followed quickly by […]

16Mar2009 | | Comments Off on Trust God, But Lock Your Car | Continued
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Capitalism is Stronger with a Christian Alloy

Capitalism is the iron of our economy.  Long ago men found they could melt iron ore and produce new weapons and new tools.   Iron improved the lives of everyone and would eventually launch the industrial revolution.  I have cast iron pots and pans even today.  But iron was found to be brittle and easily broken.  […]

5Mar2009 | | 3 comments | Continued
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McCain Continues Trivial Pursuit

John McCain demonstrated his proclivity for trivia in the last election for President. While the country was facing two wars and an economic collapse beyond any seen in recent memory, McCain was harping about Bill Ayers. He lost the election but has not lost his desire to make a big deal out of small things.

4Mar2009 | | 4 comments | Continued
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Obama – Spending or Investing, Big Differences

President Obama has proposed a huge federal budget.  In actual adjusted dollars the budget is the largest since 1945, just as we were coming out of WWII.  The Republicans are shouting and whining and crying the traditional refrain: “The Liberal are spending our money!  Run for your life!”  Obviously, there is much spending – but […]

26Feb2009 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Mortgage Conundrum – Who Deserves Help?

Last week 60 Minutes did a segment on an elderly woman who seems to be the victim of predatory lending. The bias of the program was clearly designed to support the case of the woman and to discredit the lending agency. This problem is not so simple.

18Feb2009 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Homeless Community

This writer has worked and volunteered at the same social service agencies dedicated to cleaning up the river banks, to rescuing the downtrodden, to saving the helpless, threading the eye of the needle as a gateway to Heaven. We will walk through the Pearly Gates and God will thump us on the forehead with his middle finger, look at us in disgust, and then invite us in to the ultimate shelter from damnation. We will be seated in the middle row, the homeless will have front row seats.

9Feb2009 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Identity Confusion

Who am I? Sounds like something Descartes might have asked – but I am not nearly so complex a creature as Descartes. There are a few things that are certain. I know I am a father and a grandfather. But those are mere biological truths (I defer here to Descartes). But the ideal of world politics, of a world community, of being an active participant in my world – leaves me a bit confused. I am just trying to figure out if I am liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican. It seems to me that the question is most often defined in terms of economics – and sometimes in terms of culture.

2Feb2009 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Republican Peanut Butter

Have you bought any peanut butter lately? If so, perhaps you should check the label for signs of the GOP. The current wide spread salmonella poisoning of peanut butter is a great metaphor for the leadership of the GOP for the past eight years. The Bush administration, supported by the same congressmen who now oppose Obama, had one simple philosophy in domestic affairs: Leave Business Alone!

29Jan2009 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Economic Illiteracy

Illiteracy. Generally we think of this word in terms of simple reading and writing. Some have changed the phraseology to ‘functional illiteracy.’ I suppose this means that a person knows the alphabet, can discern some words, and can perhaps sign their name. People are ‘functionally illiterate’ when their comprehension of reading impairs their ability to function in a complex society. If we apply this axiom to our economy, we might easily conclude that most of us are economically functionally illiterate.

27Jan2009 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Bernie Madoff, Traitor, Turncoat, Judas, Treason

Is there a greater crime against our country than that which Bernie Madoff is charged?  I don’t think so.  This is not ‘just’ stealing 50 Billion dollars – this is about the harm done to our way of life.  Our way of life is based on capitalism tempered by faith, or consideration for others.  Bernie […]

8Jan2009 | | Comments Off on Bernie Madoff, Traitor, Turncoat, Judas, Treason | Continued
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WalMart Sweat Labor – The Case for Tariffs

My son and I agree on just about everything philosophically – but we differ in problem solution.  He and his friends are on a big toot to boycott WalMart in protest of Chinese sweat labor.  There is no argument from me on the atrocities of the Chinese labor market.  But the idea of boycotting WalMart […]

2Jan2009 | | 2 comments | Continued
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The Christian Message and Economic Prosperity…

We have mentioned Dave Ramsey and Joel Osteen on this magazine, and I thought it might be a good idea to spend some time on the difference between a minister and a motivational speaker. I think that the line can get pretty blurry. In order to do the subject justice, we have to mention the […]

6Dec2008 | | 3 comments | Continued
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The Poverty Inoculation – Gratitude

This economy was beginning to make me sick.  My stock portfolio has lost half of the value.  Dividends are now 5% of $10 instead of 5% of $20 – so my income is shredded.  The identification thieves skip my trash can – there is nothing left to steal.  The illness was creeping into my neurological […]

24Nov2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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A Nickel for Bread, But No One Has a Nickel

The old man who cleaned our office, back in the 1970’s, would sometimes talk of the great depression.  “Ohg,” he would say, “Bread was a nickel a loaf, but nobody had a nickel.”  Then Jimmie would smile and go about his business.  Jimmie had a different comfort level – his tolerance for meagerness was greater […]

20Nov2008 | | 4 comments | Continued
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Detroit Bailout – an Ethical Conundrum

This writer has often defined self as being an economic conservative and a social liberal.  Normally there is not much conflict in that ideology.  I will help my neighbor as long as I don’t have to borrow money in the endeavor.  I will not enable my neighbor to continue poor behavior by bailing him out […]

19Nov2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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The Job of the Corporate Accountant

The game is afoot.  A high stakes game.  A game in the neighborhood of 1,000 billion dollars.  Government dollars.  Taxpayer dollars.  The bail out of Wall Street – or call it a rescue package – is the new game in town.  And Corporate Accountants are scurrying around looking for the best possible outcome for their […]

13Nov2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Trust God, But Lock Your Car

The Federal Government of the past eight years reminded this writer of an old computer axiom – we can now make a million mistakes a minute. In 1972 I worked in the world of finance with an IBM 370, Model 145 – one of those mainframe computers with a front panel of flashing white, yellow, […]

7Nov2008 | | Comments Off on Trust God, But Lock Your Car | Continued
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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for…..a cheaper product

International trade has been the key to successful nations for hundreds of years.  Trading is more than just about making money.  Trade has allowed nations to export surplus of goods, has helped establish treaties, create a balanced market and allow less prosperous nations to advance technologically. So what happened to America? America happened to America.  […]

6Oct2008 | | Comments Off on I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for…..a cheaper product | Continued
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Mortgage Crisis – the Case For Regulations

This writer is a fiscal conservative who believes THE GOVERNMENT should simply do their job.  Partisan politics shake out like this – The Democrats act like the Government is the mission – and the Republicans think the Government has no mission.  They are both frustratingly wrong.  The Bush Administration’s Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is leading […]

8Sep2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Payday Loans and Bounce Rates

Son, The Payday loan business is just that, a business.  They are like any other business.  They make money by having a steady stream of customers.  And, like other businesses, they measure their success.  I would sure like to see their statistics. We write essays for this online magazine.  We measure our success in the […]

22Dec2007 | | Comments Off on Payday Loans and Bounce Rates | Continued