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The Image of God, Health and Fitness for Seniors

Man was made, we can all agree on that. Man grows old, we can all agree on that. Some say we were made out of a lump of clay, some say we swung down from trees to walk upright. In any case, here we are. What is our image, how do we present ourselves, and […]

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12 Steps – A Program of Recovery

To continue this dialogue on 12 step programs – it seems only natural to describe the 12 steps. Distortions abound. Some clarity about this process might be useful to students of health care, people in the Ministry, medical professionals, and especially to those suffering from a hopeless state of mind and body. From page 59 […]

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The Conscience Clause, Death Panels, and Health Care Reform

The idea of legalizing a medical conscience for Health Care providers originated with the debate around abortion.  The idea was simple enough: If a physician was morally opposed to abortion, he should be allowed to follow his conscious.  Fair enough.  But the conscience clause evolved under the Bush Administration, growing nasty tentacles of religious dogma. […]

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Of Weight Gain and Aging – No Excuses Please

It seems like decades past that I attended a class in college on Physical Activity.  Actually, it was only about forty or fifty years ago.  I remember talking about height and weight, about charts and graphs, and about the relevance of somatotype.  Now, decades later, I am wondering about the relevance of young adult measurements […]

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“…Anger Can Blind Human Vision…” – Malcolm X

The Elijah Muhammad’s of 21st Century America are found in the right wing radio personalities and in the fringe of the Republican Party. People like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter, and the entire FOX media system. These are people who use distortion of reality to ferment, distill, and bottle the anger of misguided masses. They sell their potions of angry snake oil from the backs of their wagons every day. They have but one target – any form of civil progress as debated and negotiated by our representative Government.

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Celebrity Medicine, The AMA, Ethics, and Health Care Reform

What is going on with medical practitioners and celebrities?  Michael Jackson is just the latest in an ever increasing list of celebrities who have died at the hands of their enabling medical doctors.  Where is the American Medical Association (AMA) on this issue?  Is the AMA the go-to-guy for advice on health care reform? This […]

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Is Ten Percent Too Much For Health Care?

President Obama is having his fourth news conference as I type.  He is suggesting health care will cost us ten percent of our national budget if we do not gain control over costs.  Is that a bad thing?  How do we measure the health of our population against other priorities? When President Eisenhower left office […]

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Health Care Distortions by Conservatives

The Conservatives For Patients Rights (CPR) proudly defines four ‘pillars of patient’s rights.’   These rights are: Choice, Competition, Accountability, and Personal Responsibility.  This group defines the basic application of these rights in the following video.  We do not disagree with the four principles, but we take exception to the interpretation. Watch the video and we […]

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Swine Flu, Pandemics, and Paid Sick Leave

Fast forward to the swine flu – and other possible contageous diseases that might one day strike at the heart of America. The Center for Disease Control is advising people to stay home from work if they are sick. But the financial burden of a sick day has been transferred to the employee – taking a sick leave in today’s work world means loss of potential income – or more accurately – a loss of future income.

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Marijuana, Natural or Unnatural? Challenging Bill Hicks.

Check out Bill Hicks.  He is obviously a comedian.  We appreciate comedians as folks who often high light truth with humor.  We admit that as a class of mammals, us humans can be pretty ridiculous.  In this youtube clip Bill Hicks expounds the virtues of marijuana. Listen to this and we will visit the logic […]

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Taxing Tobacco

Tobacco taxes our health care system with many chronic ailments. And tobacco is taxed by the government. On Wednesday, April 1, 2009, the federal tobacco tax on a pack of cigarettes will go up $.62, from $.39 to $1.01. This must surely be a good thing, right? Well, like other efforts at social engineering, it cuts two ways.

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If You Like The Pentagon, You Will Really Love National Health Care

The congressional hearings on the economy are dominating the national media. One of the Republican members just made a cute comment. He said, “If you like the way the federal government you will really love national health care.” Cute and clever commentary makes for poor decision making. Clever is very different than being smart. We wonder if the congressman would make the same analogy with our military?

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Of Bankruptcies and Health Care

My friend, Frank, has big problems – financial problems. Like so many people today, his youth was consumed with self gratification. I remember those days – living like there is no tomorrow. Now he is fifty years old, has marginal labor skills, and the financial shock of an encounter with modern health care.

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Medicine and Money: Traveling for Health Care

When the debate over providing health care for all citizens arises people often look to other countries, less wealthy, that manage to take care of their citizens. Sometimes the point to Canada or England; and the favorite of the opposition to taking care of children is France. The French are a convenient target for all things not good for America.

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Health Insurance Corruption: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

The devil is in the details! The Fireside Post reports and comments on a broad range of material, including debt, spending, health care, and social justice – usually at a global or macro, level. But the devil really is in the details. Allow me to attempt to crystallize some details into something manageable for most […]

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McCain’s Health Care TAX

Senator John McCain again figures on the lack of sensibility by 51% of the population.  He may be right.  But we will investigate his Health Care TAX position for laughs. Suppose you are a young family.  The husband makes, say forty thousand dollars a year.  The wife also works and makes twenty-five thousand dollars a […]

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