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Winston Churchill

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Surrender – Man’s Eternal Conflict

Surrender is personal.  Every day we are faced with decisions that concern surrender.  We surrender to traffic laws, to office protocols, to the School Evening Program of our children, to the irritable clerk at the grocery store, to unwritten codes of conduct spelled out by our particular culture.  Sometimes we surrender to our base instincts […]

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The Irony of Ohg Rea Tone – the Conflict of Ideology

Ohg Rea Tone struggles, like others who believe wholeheartedly in their own point of view.  The simple twist of fate put Mr. Tone on the left side of most issues. Had the shoe of the other foot fallen a few millimeters to the right, Mr. Tone would sound the same, look the same, feel the […]

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Save Yourself – Then Pull Up the Ladder

It is not in the nature of man to escape danger and then abandon fellow humans who face the same danger. We see examples in every war of courageous self sacrifice to rescue fellow soldiers.  We often see firefighters or police officers risk their own safety to help others.  The idea works well at an […]

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Seichel – The Fourth Dimension

Seichel – a Yiddish word with a variety of meanings, a variety of definitions – but essentially implying wisdom.  That may not help much in understanding seichel because the word “Wisdom” is not universally understood.  My take is this:  Wisdom is a state of being, a state of being that adds the fourth dimension to […]

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Political Party Custom and Nature

World War Two in Europe was winding down.  There was talk of an armistice – a mutually agreeable peace treaty.  The allies, Soviet, English, and American, called for an unconditional surrender – there would be no armistice.  Some criticized ‘unconditional’ as too severe.  These terms seem to apply to the current atmosphere in Washington D. […]

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“Democracy is no Harlot…”

The 2010 Tea Party shenanigans are dangerous.  They use the name “Tea Party” to denote an affiliation with the historical Boston Tea Party that preceded the American Revolution.  The Boston Tea Party was a direct revolt against King George’s tax on imported tea – taxation without representation.  This modern version bears little resemblance to the […]

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Is A Partisan America About to Lose The Future?

Petty squabbling is consuming The United States Government.  There is gridlock on Capital Hill.  It appears that most people in Congress are running for reelection in 2010 and their message is to blame the other party.  Is this leadership?  Is this the solution to the mounting problems of America?  We need only to look back […]

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Partisanship – Conflicting Opinions or Theological Hatred?

Churchill negotiated a settlement in a Catholic/Protestant Ireland in the 1920’s. He later said that he knew he had been fair because neither party was happy with the results. It seems to us that we can know President Obama has been fair and non-partisan because both the left and the right are protesting his policies.

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“the shifting sands of charity… the firm bedrock of law”

Winston Churchill was a young man of twenty two when he gave his first political speech.   He referenced the Government’s Workmen’s Compensation Bill before the Parliament in England.  “He said the bill, ‘removed the question from the shifting sands of charity and placed it on the firm bedrock of law‘.”  (Churchill: A Life, by Gilbert, […]

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