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Aren’t We Done Yet?!

I can recall earlier Presidential campaigns that were contemptuous to say the least and how I really, really could hardly bear the wait till the first Tuesday of November. This year is the worst I could ever have imagined. Although, recent postings on social media show us there is nothing new in this world and […]

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Does Race Really Matter?

Transcript from Walla Walla Union Bulletin, Walla Walla, Washington December 20, 1950 Seattle (AP) – A blow on the head with a baseball bat in a neighborhood altercation was fatal Tuesday to Merritt Scotten, 33 year old Seattle pipe fitter. He died of a skull fracture Saturday night. Leon W. Venson 28 a neighbor has […]

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The Cost of Illegal Immigration

Sometimes, I think with my heart and project my motherly instincts and experiences in an effort to understand others. In the case of illegal immigrants, I have often thought, if I were a Mexican mother living in the deplorable poverty and enduring the crimes that, reportedly, occur in Mexico. If the opportunity came, I would […]

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The Ressurection of Ohg Rea Tone

Ohg Tone and I have been friends for forty years.  I first remember him when my oldest daughter was two years old.  Ohg showed up and brought sarcastic humor into my family.  As crude as he is – there is always a spark of humor.  Ohg became a writer for in 2007.  After five […]

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Penn State Child Sexual Abuse by Sandusky

The warnings are legion.  The past fifty years has surely taught us that child sexual abuse cannot be protected in the interest of an institution.  From the Boy Scouts to the Catholic Church the scandals swirled – griping and choking the institutional life.  With this horrendously embarrassing history of protecting pedophiles tucked away in an […]

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Profiling the Usual Suspects – We Are All Guilty

The facts are not yet clear.  They are muddled more every day by people with agendas who leak information.  One thing is certain – everyone with a comment about Trayvon Martin’s death has an opinion based on limited data.  It seems the profiling did not end with the assessment by the neighborhood watch man accused […]

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Japan 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami (Video)

Tragedy is unfolding as we type.  The fifth largest earthquake ever recorded, 8.9 on Richter Scale, struck Japan about eight hours ago.  Youtube has become a conduit for video information.  Here are several examples of the results of the Japan quake. Tsunami: More Tsunami: Another view: The following video may be the most comprehensive: The […]

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Risk Adverse Politicians

The art of politics is often seen as the art of compromise, the art of the deal.  Politicians ask themselves, “How might I explain decisions made, and please 51% of the people?”  The job of the politician is viewed through two lenses – what is best for the country, and what is best for the […]

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Bernie Madoff, Traitor, Turncoat, Judas, Treason

Is there a greater crime against our country than that which Bernie Madoff is charged?  I don’t think so.  This is not ‘just’ stealing 50 Billion dollars – this is about the harm done to our way of life.  Our way of life is based on capitalism tempered by faith, or consideration for others.  Bernie […]

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Ann Coulter – an America Tragedy

When Ann Coulter is dismissed or challenged by anyone in the media the radical right claims another attack by the Main Stream Media.  Back and forth bickering that accomplishes nothing other than to continue to polarize America. To be clear up front, this writer has never been a fan of Ann Coulter.  But Ms. Coulter […]

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Bar Room Brawls in the Middle East

Here we go again.  The fighting in and around Israel reminds me of the metro section of the local news paper on Saturday morning.  The small headlines on page 3B are like this:  “Man stabbed in bar room brawl”  or “Two shot escaping street fignt”  “Lover’s quarel errupts into violence”  – You get the idea.  […]

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WalMart Sweat Labor – The Case for Tariffs

My son and I agree on just about everything philosophically – but we differ in problem solution.  He and his friends are on a big toot to boycott WalMart in protest of Chinese sweat labor.  There is no argument from me on the atrocities of the Chinese labor market.  But the idea of boycotting WalMart […]

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What’s the Matter, Don’t Like Actually Reaching Across the Isle?

To date, the Obama engine has been fueled by a rhetoric of change and hope. The “change” part of that language is not referring to a change in the political party in charge of ruining the government, it is a change in the fundamental way that we approach all of the decisions that we make fromt he top down. Rick Warren invited Obama to speak at his church, and Obama has invited Rick Warren to speak at his innauguration. Some say that this will alienate progressives, and I think that, to some degree, that is true. But let me ask you this: What is more progressive than going beyond sitting around a table together, but removing the table entirely and finding a way to stand together?

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Bush and Cheney are WMD’s

George W. Bush, mixed with equal amounts of Dick Cheney, produces Weapons of Mass Destruction. These two men, more than Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden, have themselves destroyed mass numbers of humans. And about 5,000 of the dead are American service men. We can not even begin to count the number of innocent Iraqi’s killed in a war of vengeance.

The lethal combination of Bush and Cheney needed only a spark of inflamation. The entire Republican Party has bought into this mixture of vengeance and lusts after another opportunity to mix their potions of destruction.

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Is Bailling Out the Big Three Like Bailing Out Your Neighbor?

The Senate yesterday failed to reach an agreement on the bailout package for the auto industry, meaning that it will probably be January before the industry can get any help.  This is something that is being “cussed and discussed,” as my grandfather would have said, in many circles.  Everyone has an opinion, and everyone is […]

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Obama’s Chicago Vulnerablitiy

Here we go again.  Washington partisan politics 101.  The political corruption in Illinois will dramatically affect the Obama Administration.  This is not about guilt or innocence – it is about perception.  And particularly the perception of vulnerability. When Bill Clinton won the Presidency in 1992 there followed some corruption news in Arkansas.  This gave rise […]

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Why Government Management of Auto Companies Will Not Work

The advocates of government intervention in our lives are having a great time.  They are advocating the regulation of banking, which seems to be smart in light of recent revelations about banking management.  And they are advocating dictates of management for the auto industry, this is not nearly as smart as they think. History for […]

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